“Pokémon sword & shield”-players soon get a refill. Soon, The island of the armor appears to be the first DLC””. All the info for the extension.

“Pokémon sword & shield*” is the on Nintendo Switch published double Edition of the popular game series. The Pokémon Trainer can look forward to new content, as soon the extension of “The island of the armor” appears. All the info for the DLC.

For decades, counting the Pokémon games of the Standard Repertoire for Nintendo. The most recent double-Edition “Pokémon sword & shield” appeared last autumn on Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, most of the coaches have all orders collected and their Pokémon leveled up. Soon, however, there is again something new to Experience in the Galar Region, because the release of the first DLC for “Pokémon sword & shield” is imminent.

“Pokémon sword/shield” DLC: New locations and Pokémon

+ “Pokémon sword & shield”players can look forward to Exploring a great new game world.©Nintendo

The extension for the game “the island of The armor” to appear on the 17. June 2020 and leads the Trainer to the defence of the island. There you can discover new areas, including beaches, forests, swamps, caves, and sand dunes. Of course, many Pokémon are home to these places, and many familiar pocket monsters from the older generations*, among other things, bulbasaur, squirtle or mewtwo.

in Addition, unseen Galar-forms and Gigadynamax-forms appear in the past . On the arms of the island of the two legendary Pokémon at home: Dakuma and Wulaosu are .

“Pokémon sword/shield” DLC: mast rich and the Dojo

another new feature is the Dojo . There coach fattening rich on the player, who has already served for Champion Delion as a Mentor is waiting. In the Dojo, the Pokémon should be able to train harder, to become stronger. Here is a new duel-type is introduced: The focus-Sparring , which fights under specified conditions take place. In the Dojo, a device with the name ” Urglmator is “. Thus, four Items can be combined, and players will then receive a new Item.

Mentor fattening, rich sends the Trainer to explore the tower of the water, and the tower of darkness. As a counter-player, you can expect new rivals , with which the players have to be in battle.

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More content in “the island of The armor”

The first DLC has also new clothes for the players of Europe. Also, the appearance of the bike to adjust. A return to celebrate the Aprikokos with the Trainer, poké balls can produce. “The island of the armor” is in the Expansion pass for “Pokémon sword & shield” is available. This costs around 30 euros. to the sword

Trailer for “Pokémon and Pokémon sign”Expansion pass

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