As the british Peter Teich lost his father, he inherited and his sister 193.000 pounds, equivalent to 1.7 million dollars each.

But a fatal error from Peter Teichs page led to it in the first place so very doubtful that he would get the money to see.

due To a typo was the capital, finishing with another customer of the bank Barclays, who had almost an identical account number in the bank. Teich had typed a digit wrong. His lawyer took contact to bankfilialen, who allegedly promised that he would get the money again.

He got only 25 pounds again. It writes the Guardian.

‘because of a mistake on your part ended up the money from another customer … you were undoubtedly misinformed that you would get your money back. Because of it I have given a little token gesture of £ 25,’ was the shocking announcement in a letter to the 74-year-old Peter Teich.

the Bank tried, apparently, to ask him or her, unduly were almost two million dollars richer, to deliver the money back. But it refused the customer to do, and then there was basically not more to do.

Therefore took the Teich case to the court, which after a long legal battle ended with forcing the bank to transfer the money to him.

But it had cost the 74-year-old man a small fortune to get his money again. He had spent an amount equivalent to a little over 400,000 dollars on the lawsuit against the bank.

Therefore contacted Peter Teich british the Guardian. Then changed the bank itself is supposedly fast.

After the inquiry to the bank paid to the 400,000 crowns.

In the newspaper regrets the bank fadæsen. But it is not something that impresses Teich.

“It had taken Barclays a few days to send the money back, but they did nothing. They could have saved us all a lot of stress and anxiety,” he says, among other things.