Parship surveyed over 1,000 people in Germany between 18 and 65 years of relations during and after the Corona-Lockdown.

Although a good third of the relationships Living, positive changes were able to see more appreciation for the Partner, and an intensification of the relationship, it is sometimes frightening, such as partnerships due to the Corona break.

It was a lot of talk about domestic violence, but the number of unreported cases is particularly high, Numbers can reflect the actual situation hard to describe.

fears about relationship problems, violence-free nature, which are due to the state of emergency, could be confirmed by the current Parship survey.

relationship killer quarantine

Positive changes have been observed especially in the case of couples who have not lived during the period of quarantine in a household.

While many of the couples reported having more Sex while Corona had, however, especially the group of 18 to 29 had to contend sharply with the effects of the quarantine.

24% of couples in this age group have not survived the Corona of time and as a result, either separately or pressed the break key.

Overall, broke nine percent of the partnerships. This appears to be little, but falls into the weight, if it is assumed that this separation would not have occurred under normal circumstances, perhaps.

The connection with Corona is reflected in some of the reasons for the Failure of the relationship.

reasons for relationship problems

  • too little space
  • dispute
  • hand lived to little understanding of the ‘otherness’ of the partner
  • dwindling optimism for the relationship
  • different plans for the future
  • apart physical violence (8 percent in the case of the Younger)

Especially for couples the are drawn to the area because the Corona in a common household, may have cast the situation as a burning glass for the relationship.

The Corona-state of emergency brought with it problems which might have been occurred much later in the relationship, or noticed how different visions of the future or the whims of the Partners, which had remained hitherto hidden.

Singles in Lockdown

to have at Least someone to Fight, would have liked some of the Singles during lock downs.

the study shows that the Younger, since the relaxations again stepped up to partner.

the Same age group also complained that they had during the Corona of the time feelings of loneliness, especially in a bad mood or the desire to have a Partner on the side.

the Latter reported almost two – thirds of 18-to 29-Year-old.

There were also rays of light

About a third of the respondents indicated that neither positive nor negative changes in their relationships were – Corona, therefore, no influence on the natural course of the relationship could take.

A third of the couples who lived together before, now have concrete plans to change this. They explained that intensified their relationship, and the appreciation was for each other increased.


  • Parship study (2020): After the quarantine: the Status quo is in German relations, retrieved on 26.06.2020

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