The Release of the PS5 is coming closer and many PS4 owners are wondering whether Sony’s new console is backward compatible. Can also be transmitted digitally purchased games?

the end of 2020, the Playstation 5 comes out on the market. Thus, the transition for PS4 owners is, simply, programmed Sony the PS5 is backwards compatible. What PS4 games are playable and whether or not digital purchased titles can be transferred, you can find here.

In about a half a year, the Playstation 5 will appear. Sony has unveiled the Design of the console, recently*, but an exact Release date is still pending. Playstation Fans will be able to get rid of your old PS4 and the PS5 set – assuming the old PS4 games to the new console games. But the PS5 is backwards compatible? And what will happen to digital over the Shop in the PSN Store purchased PS4 titles?

PS5-backward compatibility: Sony wants to over 4.000 titles compatible

Sony knows that the topic of backward compatibility is important for players. Over the years, owners have accumulated many PS4 numerous titles, which would you continue to play like that. Therefore, it is a strong selling point for the PS5, if it is backward compatible. For this reason, Sony had announced in March 2020, that will probably more than 4,000 PS4 title also on the Next-console will be playable. Not only that, but The games should run with higher or more stable frame rates and also a higher resolution can offer. Sony must test all of the PS4 titles individually.

Can digital purchased PS4 games on the PS5 transfer?

clarification is also required regarding the digital games that have accumulated in the library of many PS4 owners over the years – especially in the case of PS-Plus members is likely to be a lot, since you could look forward to each month, via free title. You will be able to transfer these to the PS5? Officially Sony has not commented yet, but one can assume that this will be the case. The condition for this is that the player transferred to the appropriate PSN-account , to this the digital purchased titles are linked.

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PS5: Is there a free Upgrade of PS4 titles?

A further question that needs to be clarified: Can get is for the PS4 purchased games free-of-charge Upgrade to the PS5 Version ? Sony’s competitor Microsoft has confirmed this to be for the Xbox Series X – thanks to the so-called “Smart Delivery”-function* titles must be for the Xbox only once bought. Any person who acquires, for example, “Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla” for the Xbox One, the Next-Gen Version for the Xbox Series X free.

In the case of Sony and the PS5 looks a little different. Although it was confirmed that this Gene also in the case of the Next-generation Playstation will be the case, however, it is developer and Publisher , whether you want to deploy your game as a free Upgrade or not is up to you.

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