With the BTV is the first sports Association in the competition mode. He recorded but cancellations for the Teams to 45 percent.

Erding– The birth pangs were intense, but now the Baby is here, and it is called the “transition season 2020”. As the first sports Association since the Lockdown in Bavaria, the Bavarian Tennis Association (BTV) launches its competition offer. 15. June begins the Round.

Also in the district of Erding makes you long for the point games, especially as the BTV has recently relaxed some requirements (we reported)– much to the delight of the SpVgg Altenerding by the way, as press spokeswoman Caroline Radek reported. “This scheme allows a feasible operation.” The four registered teams – ladies, two gentlemen of the 30 Teams and the men’s 50 – must not be afraid, withdrawn. “Just the enabling of the double game, as well as the arrival with two stalls for each car were decisive for the Non-retreat. Now it is prepared after the shaky start to the season engaged to the point game of the season,“ said Radek, and makes strong advertising for a Mixed doubles fun tournament, to be held next Saturday.

Best mood when TC villages, which had been in advance of all the team players and in the case of the children and young people whose parents were interviewed. Tennis-in-chief Klaus Huber: “We had the feeling that a lot of yearned back to some normality and have therefore received a lot of positive feedback.” As a result, The TCD will send 13 teams to the race. “All of the children and youth teams will be playing,” says Huber adds. “Also, the training operation is going well. At our Smallest we have, however, only Two training groups to ensure security. We train now instead of an hour, only 45 minutes.

Around 6800 teams will participate, according to the BTV in the whole of Bavaria in the Round. Originally 12 410 teams had been reported. As reported, had also made the most of the Erdinger clubs use of the possibility, subsequently, of the transitional season, in which there are no Losers will give up, log out.

most of The cancellations, there were, according to BTV, in the districts of lower Bavaria (60 percent) and Swabia (59 %). The least in middle Franconia (31 %). In upper Bavaria, the unsubscribe rate was at 39%. In the BTV-leagues (Bayern and country leagues) the rate at 55 %. At the district level, it comes now in part to the reclassification of the leagues, to ensure reasonable group sizes. Some districts have released the new grouping already www.btv.de .

“the fact That now almost half of the team doesn’t Start, is unfortunate,” said BTV-President Helmut Schmidbauer, but no fracture of the leg: “We respect this decision and hope that we can carry out in the next year, a betting operation under normal conditions.”