One-Direction-singer-Liam Payne believes in Reunion to the anniversary of the band Jason Hetherington Liam Payne

Friday, 8. May, 04.15 PM: on the Occasion of the tenth anniversary of the British boy band One Direction in this year’s singer Liam Payne has the hope of a reunion with his band mates expressed. “I’m getting the feeling that this will happen some time,” said the 26-Year-old U.S. magazine “People”. “We understand that it is a very significant anniversary, and we want to definitely make something.” Because of the corona crisis, he wants to promise nothing, – said Payne, the first interviews with the other members of the band he had led but.

“It was nice to open the channels of communication again, because we had not spoken for a while,” said the singer. “And I think that we all needed, after we have spent so much time together, so everyone could find out who he is as a Person.”

As the Band One Direction (“What Makes You Beautiful”) are for 2016 inactive. Just like Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan are now as a solo artist. Zayn Malik had to leave the group a year before that, and also a solo career embarked upon.

The individual music projects, made it difficult, however, to the Reunion, admitted Payne. “Everyone brings out music, where two years of Promotion to hang,” he said, “but it looks to be in the range still very hopeful.”

More than just a puppet master: Nico Santos established himself as an artist, dpa/Britta Pedersen/zb/dpa Nico Santos in the semi-finals of the casting show “The Voice of Germany”.

Thursday, 7. May, 11.23 PM: Schlager, Rap, electro: Nico Santos served as the author and composer of a wide range. As a solo singer, the 27-Year-old, is actually called Nico wave brink feels, with English-speaking Pop most comfortable with. He also shows on his second Album, which is released this Friday, and bears his name.

“In the last one and a half years, I have been able to establish as an artist and not just as a Songwriter. That’s why for me it was now time to put a little Statement and show: This is my work, I am,“ said Santos, the German press Agency about the simple album title.

In fact, primarily other musicians, which Santos gives big Hits, including Schlager Queen Helene Fischer (“the roller coaster there since the beginning of his career”), rappers like Bushido (“Papa”), Sido (“Thousands of Tattoos”), or Capital Bra (Purple Rain), as well as the Popkollegen Mark Forster (“We are tall”) and Lena Meyer-Landrut (“Love”). The magazine “” referred to Santos as “one of the most successful puppeteer in the German music scene”.

However, the musically versatile Songwriter and producer, grew up for the most part, in Mallorca and speaks fluent Spanish, it attracts more and more into the spotlight. In 2018, he brings out his debut album “Streets of Gold” with solo hits such as “Rooftop” and “Safe”. In the TV Show “The Voice of Germany” he is to be seen as a Coach and ends up with a Meyer-Landrut the successful perky pop-hit “Better”.

With the duet, Santos opened his follower plate, on which he acts musically, increasingly bolder. In addition to soulful ballads such as “Low On Love”, where his powerful voice comes in, and the typical Pop-catchy tunes (“Killing Me”) to remember some of the Songs on the New Wave of the 80s (“Nothing To lose”).

“I have taken the Album quite a few risks and just made what I want,” says the 27-Year-old. In the second verse of also radio-ready “7 Days” moves Santos into Spanish and changed his vocal color. “The melody in the Chorus is based on a lullaby that my mom was singing to me”. In the Text it is however a adult, Santos sings of flirting a Holiday.

his father, Egon shaft brink, known to many as “Melitta man” from commercials of the 90s, the advertising is expected to, with mixed on the plate. The 75-Year-old plays at the end of the rhythmically varied, Changed rich a saxophone Solo.

personally Santos in the piano ballad “Walk In Your Shoes” about his former childhood friend Adri, who came at the age of 15 years died in an accident is. “I’ve been sitting on it for twelve years and now a song found on his parents and brothers can be proud of.”

First Album since 2012: Fiona Apple fails once again to yourself, Lionel Deluy/Sony Music /dpa US singer Fiona Apple

Saturday, 25. April, 09.12 PM: it is one of the most talented Pop music of her Generation, so of the year today, around 40. And yet Fiona Apple had brought it since her acclaimed debut “Tidal” 1996 so far only on four albums. The US-American from New York City was always seen as a difficult case: Mental and health problems or even conflicts in the music business prevented the pianist and singer was able to use your full creative potential.

Now, the 42-Year-old presents somewhat in the short term, “Fetch The Bolt Cutters”, their first Studio album since 2012. “The plate should actually be millions of years ago, it’s ready,” Apple had said in the previous September. “And then I start and just need a lot of to long to get things complete.”

As so often with works that are expected with a particular voltage, you have to make on a certain amount of disillusionment in focus. Some of the 13 new songs come indeed to the class of the masterpieces “When the Pawn…” (1999) and “Extraordinary Machine” (2005). And with her powerful piano-Sound, bollerndem Bass, metallic clanging drums and some other great effects (such as the jazzy steel drums in “the Rack Of His” sound) is produced, the fifth Apple plate also impressive.

And yet, one wishes that this with a limitless powerful Soul – and Jazz-voice-blessed Singer-songwriter is often times the easier way. Also on “Fetch The Bolt Cutters” sounds like some piece of arg raw, frayed, bulky – although you could certainly write equally accessible and ambitious songs. But somehow this idiosyncratic artist don’t want that. So Fiona Apple is likely to remain a case for the Initiated – for the big audience their music is this time is not supple enough.

“Living In A Ghost Town”: The Rolling Stones are to report back

Friday, 24. April, 06.56 PM: life was so beautiful then we were all locked up, sings Mick Jagger with his inimitable tube to a powerful Blues-Rock-Reggae-mix. And more, as well to Corona time: You will feel like a Ghost living in a Ghost town. This is the first new Song of the Rolling Stones in eight years, perhaps a harbinger of a new album.

on Thursday, surprisingly, published the piece “Living In A Ghost Town,” the British Rock legends with millions of Fans in the middle of the Corona-pandemic a joy – and hope. The almost four minutes long, not too far from the familiar ribbon-style different song was the first new Stones-Single and own composition “Doom And Gloom” from the Best-Of-Album “GRRR!” (2012), according to the Label, Universal.

The wild howling harmonica-winning piece of music is accompanied by a fancy Video of the Band in the Studio, in addition, fast-cut images of empty inner-city in fish eye look. Twelve hours after the publication of the Film was retrieved for the Song on Youtube alone, approximately 800,000 Times.

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