It’s one of these sleepless is back to nights where you lie awake because you constantly have negative thoughts go through your head. The Partner is asleep next to you and yet worlds. The last of the litigation, and the evil words they said to each other, not let you come to rest.

The conflicts become more frequent and escalate more and more. You have the feeling that you can’t talk normal to each other, every little thing leads to the Explosion. And you realize that these disputes cost more and more power, and you often need days to recover from it. And hardly anything calm, creates out of Nothing a new conflict. The good, relaxing times are much too rare and much too short and can no longer compensate for the bad. The Person

Sigrid sun Holzer a consulting practice in Ottobrunn/Munich, together with her husband for 20 years. It is the Belief that every relationship is salvageable if both partners want to. The philosophy of your advice: what differences separate us, but what we all have in common? Sun Holzer is the author of several books and CDs, from the book “life, love, happiness…” and the CD “Yes we can”.

Then your relationship has reached a Status that is mutually destructive, and incredibly much the power costs.

1. Loneliness, in spite of togetherness? If the relationship is destructive,

Let the last four weeks to reminisce and think about how much percent of this time in a bad mood, they criticized each other, or even yelled at, and how much percent of the time, they were happy and relaxed.

I don’t need to stress that the share of the good times should far exceed 50 percent. If this proportion falls below 50 percent, it is a concern for your health and your relationship. If the Psyche

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2. ‘Someday’ things will get better: stuck in the comfortable misery

you Have imagined that, at the time, as you have said’ Yes’? They are the perfect Team when it comes to the education of the children or to the vacation planning. They argue hardly, they work wonderfully as a Team, everyone knows and fulfills his tasks. Super!

No one is happy about this, but none of them is really unhappy. The everyday life is processed and in the evening, fall exhausted into bed, only to have the next Morning in a rut to continue. The Sex is asleep, but you firmly believe that it is sometime better when the kids are bigger, the house is ready, and and and.

Only when you are happy? When you have so much fun and joy? Oh, you wait for later? Well, if you change nothing comes up. They are not content to live in a shared apartment with your Partner. All the important messages to the Coronavirus in the FOCUS Online Newsletter. Subscribe now.

3. You will develop more together? This is happiness!

Happy couples can look forward to each other and one above the other. Give yourself time-outs from everyday life and do things that make them fun together. They support each other and give themselves in difficult times. They daily demonstrate their love and are there for each other.

A dispute will not undermine this partnership in its foundations, as both know that they belong together and no one is in any doubt. Whether for business or pleasure, you talk a lot to each other and tell each other things from their everyday lives. They listen to each other and know that they can trust unconditionally and can rely on each other. You don’t criticize themselves constantly, but leave the other as it is.

“I love you because you’re You” is the Motto. Put your relationship to the test, because everyone has the right to happiness. However, you have to do something about it.

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