Who would not like to be rich? It doesn’t have to go to afford luxury. A certain amount of wealth is just relaxed, because he provides security. It runs in the Job is not around? Makes nothing because Not is not dependent on the money.

Now many people are rich your choice. Most don’t make it but then. Many are on a good way: you work hard and save your money. In the end it trickles down to you but again by the Finger. Why is that, has examined the US author Thomas C. Corley. For this, he has interviewed more than 200 people have earned their wealth themselves rich, according to their habits. He came to the conclusion that it is mainly of two behaviors depends on whether people are rich or not. These are as follows: assets accumulate and the assets to keep.

at first it sounds simple, is not implemented in everyday life, but often not so easy. Therefore, Corley has asked the participants of his study, according to their habits and their conclusions, how to get rich, and it remains also:

1. Fixed setting goals

Many people dreams to have – it was a great trip, a business, or a huge house. For many it remains, however, and you do not manage to realize these dreams. In people who have acquired prosperity, has Corley found, however, that you stick to your goals and not be swayed to leave. You work step-by-step making your dreams a reality. Only a certain degree of consistency is not crucial, but also a strong will.

2. Every day to yourself

work Who built his wealth himself and not inherited, knows probably very well with what he makes every day. Corley recommends, therefore, it is the Rich the same: if you really want to be rich, you should make every day for at least 30 minutes to continue – and ideally, by reading about the industry that you are in. In General, it shows, however, that many rich people take the time to read, to expand your own horizons, regardless of which reading you choose.

3. Money

Really it is simple: those Who want to build assets that must put a lot of money as possible to the side. It sounds a bit boring, but who wants to be rich, you must actually save especially. Experts recommend that you place each month around ten to 20 per cent of the income to the side, if possible, even more significantly.

4. Clever

do not invest to just muddle When money in a savings account to a low interest rate before it increases. Might you lose due to Inflation money. Rich people invest their money, therefore clever: weigh the risks carefully, and then choose a form of investment, the acceptable risk offers a good rate of return – for example, through an investment in shares, property or bonds. The money you create in the long term, and don’t touch it normally, but let it work for you. At the latest, to pension you to break your money, to be able to their standard of living to maintain.

5. The control of expenses,

money is quickly spent, especially when one is emotionally upset, or feel, to want to treat yourself to something. Then it quickly comes to spontaneous purchases. Rich people avoid such purchases, however, and weigh up carefully before making an issue. You know that impulse purchases are often only for a very short time will make you happy. Also, you have your spending at a glance, because you book it.

6. They remain optimistic

The economy is on the rocks, with the company running it is just not good, and the stock noise in the basement? What purchases in the case of some people to Luxury following the Motto “now it is no matter” takes, entices permanently rich people more likely to lick their wounds and look back to the front: you are able to be flexible to change and adapt to new circumstances – and then, for example, to choose the form that better fits to your current Situation. You can sit out crises for once and the Best for it.

7. You don’t live modestly

Many wealthy people flaunt their wealth, but life, even under their conditions. In this way, you can put more money to the side that let you through your Investments work for you. However, it is important to treat yourself to you something – it’s a fine line between modesty and greed. Who uses his wealth, uses it for his purposes and enjoys it. Who is stingy, however, is driven by the fear of losing his money again and the power is not guaranteed to be happy.

This article was authored by (Maria Berentzen)

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