A puzzling case of employees of the police in the district of Augsburg. Parents have found their 16-year-old son and his friend dead.

In the North of the village near Augsburg were found two teenagers dead . The parents found your 16-year-old son and his friend . The circumstances are not a mystery – the police are expecting fast results of the autopsy (see Update of 15. June, 11: 34 PM)

Update from 15. June 2020, 17.30: is Still confusion about what is happening in West village at Augsburg, Germany. Although the results of the autopsy the two Teenagers are still outstanding, there are, according to the first suspicions about the death of the two young people. Therefore, to be found at the crime scene notes on the use of “MDA, or Pep (Speed)”.

As the leaf is reported to one of the two Teenagers on the night of his death, a text a friend wrote. The alleged content: “help…dead.” According to the image of the Teenager is said to have been at this time outside of the house , but it was in the house to be returned.

reported As image, supposed to have been discovered in the lifeless Teenager hours later by the father of his friend in the bathroom, in the bathtub.

father finds son (16) and friend (15) dead: autopsy to the cause of death clear

Update of 15.56 PM: Two friends, 15 and 16 years old, to stay together on the last weekend of the holiday , the next Morning, the parents of a young people to find both dead. At the middle school in Meitingen the Younger should make this year his conclusion. The tragic Events on Monday, the first day according to the holidays was a big issue. “Most of the students knew already know,” said the rector, Peter Reithmeir.

For classmates of the 15-Year-old had been moved to the tests . This is not to be reasonable, immediately after the young people have lost a friend, said Reithmeir more. In the next few days at the middle school a letter of condolence is to be interpreted in a book. The deceased 16-Year-old was also formerly at the school, but had already made his conclusion.

the North village/Augsburg: investigators not to be expected after death of two young people with a rapid autopsy results

Update from 15. June, 11.34 PM : After the mystery death of two young people in the district of Augsburg the investigators do not expect quick results of the autopsy. The bodies would be examined on Monday of medical examiner , the necessary chemical-Toxicological analyses lasted longer. The police spokesman, Michael Jakob said on Monday. “The final result of the autopsy will take time,” it said. When a concrete statement as to the cause of death was possible, it could not be said about that.

To assumptions that young people may have experimented with drugs, said Jacob, that this will be investigated. “We would be ill-advised to participate in speculation – also if you cover the parents,” he said.

Northern village: autopsy to clarify the cause of death Statement, the police expected

Update 14. June, 9.35 PM: Still, it is unclear how it could come to the tragedy that took place early Saturday morning (13. June) in Augsburg has played. A father found his son (16) and his friend (15) who had stayed with him, dead in the parents ‘ house.

The police includes both suicide also a crime of violence. Now an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death of the two young people and, therefore, possibly also the background to the Drama. The Bayerische Rundfunk reported, however, that the investigators want to be at the earliest, informed Monday about the mysterious deaths. To not expressed to the rumor that drug abuse could have led to the death of young people, the officials.

Two young people in the North of the village/Augsburg dead: father finds son and his friend lifeless

Update from the 13. June, 19.59 at: In the small Town of North village in Swabia, a father was held on Saturday morning, his dead son and his friend in the parents ‘ house. The police went, apparently, on the big track search: “The whole street was full of police, the officials went at the same time on all plots and were looking for someone,” says an eye-witness to the image. According to the report, the witness was shown the photo of a teenager who was searched in the Morning obviously.

friends of the dead young people reported to the sheet, however, that the police had been looking for one of the dead. The newspaper concludes that the 15-Year-old were not immediately discovered after the father had found his own dead 16-year-old son in the house.

In the place will also spread rumors about drug abuse.

Northern village: the Dead boy close to Augsburg: parents find son (16) and friend (15) dead

first message from the 13. June:

the North village – A terrible discovery had to make the parents on Saturday morning in Swabia: at 7 p.m., the parents have found their 16-year-old son and his 15-year-old friend dead in the house, the report of the police Bureau of Swabia North on Saturday. Accordingly, there is no evidence of a violent crime nor suicide.

Northern village: mysterious case near Augsburg: young people stayed with a friend – parents find both of the dead

According to the police report, stayed the 15-Year-old in the house of a friend in the North of the village in the district of Augsburg. In the Morning the parents found the lifeless young people, and called the rescue service. The forces could not help the two teenagers, however.

Northern village: Dead teenagers in Augsburg: Intensive search by police helicopter

According to the Augsburger Allgemeine is supposed to have taken place in the morning hours an intensive search with the help of a police helicopter . Apparently, it was not clarified whether more young people were involved.

police power is no indication of death circumstances

The criminal investigation is to the circumstances of the death. To the question, what could have killed the young people, wanted to make the investigators any information. “For further information on the facts of the case cannot currently be made”, – stated in the police report.

The cause of death of young people needs to be by post-mortem found.

A deadly family dispute has shocked a few weeks ago, also the Augsburg population.

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