A US fighter jet crashed on Monday into the North sea near the English coast. A Pilot and the plane are missing. Rescue workers are in use.

A American fighter has crashed during a practice flight on Monday in the North sea . The plane could not be> found </strong. the forces are still searching for the pilots .

Update from 15. June, 17.00: The plane wreckage of the US fighter jet which crashed on Monday morning in the North sea, was not found . The, the BBC reported. The search for the pilots to take. If a Pilot of a jet actuated, the ejector seat is activated in the normal case it is automatically a personalized tracker. Whether the Pilot was able to leave with the ejection seat, the plane is still unclear , the British channel.

initial meld of 15. June, 12.40 PM: Middlesborough – A American fighter has crashed during a practice flight in the North sea off the English coast. According to the BBC, it is a plane of a model F-15C Eagle of the Royal Air Force Station Lakenheath in Suffolk. The reason of the accident unknown .

North sea: US fighter jet crashes into the sea Pilot and plane missing

The U.S. Air Force confirmed on your information platform, the crash of the machine and announced, that a Pilot on Board was. Both the Pilot and the plane are missing. The accident occurred around 9.40 am local time. A spokeswoman for the Royal coast guard (Her Majesty’s Coastguard) told the BBC that a helicopter and multiple lifeboats control the crash site.

The plane flew in Formation with three other Jets , when it fell 137 km from the coast into the sea.

North sea: US fighter jet crashes into the sea – the Air Force comments

In an official Video Statement that was released at 14.00 on Twitter, confirmed Colonel Wants to Marshall, Commander of the Air Force Station, again the crash of the aircraft. The reason for the crash was unknown. Rescue forces were on their way, the Pilot is still missing.

He thanked me for the use of the British forces and was hopeful to find the place of the pilot and to be able to retrieve it.

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