The music video of the 37-Year-old was called in just 24 hours, more than 46 million Times. Nothing Special happens in the Clip actually. The gigantic Breasts the musician would not be there.

The rapper, the shows us again and again for years with their sweeping curves at the same time, amazed and shocked, in “Trollz” is again very much the skin. The settings in which they covered their bust with nothing but nipple stickers were immediate Internet sensation. The view on Nicki Minajs breast is likely to be much more the reason for the huge click numbers, than the music itself.

revenue from “Trollz” go to Imprisoned

but there is absolutely nothing to argue against it, because Nicki’s Tits show serves a good purpose. The two music Stars have promised to donate a portion of the revenue to the “Bail Project”. The organization takes the Deposit costs on the poor people in prison.

With the total want Nicki Minaj and the 24-Year-old 6ix9ine “to protect the thousands of brave people and support the Front line to fight for social justice and using your voice for an end to the police persecution and killing of black Americans to demand”, as you wrote on Instagram.

The charity must now look forward definitely to a chunk of money. Nickis Minajs breast, thank.

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