It has been possible to deliver all kinds of weapons for the New Zealand police without having to answer questions.

New Zealand has collected over 56.000 weapons under an amnesty that was introduced in the aftermath of the shootings at two mosques in Christchurch.

It informs the New Zealand police on Friday, where the amnestien expires.

Christchurch-the attack, which killed 51 people, unleashed a ban on semiautomatic rifles.

at the same time said the government of New Zealand, that it would be ready to buy riflerne back “no questions asked” (without asking questions, red.).

According to The Guardian, ousted the government 150 million new zealand dollars for the purchase of weapons. It is equivalent to over 650 million dollars.

on Friday, informed the police that 56.350 weapons and 188.000 gun parts have been collected. The figure is likely to be increased in the course of Friday.

– But the police have also warned a number of times, we simply do not know exactly how many weapons that are around in society, says re-organizing, Stuart Nash, in a statement Friday.

He adds that there has been paid nearly 100 million new zealand dollar to a total 31.650 persons who have handed in their weapons.

the Police stresses that Friday is the last chance to hand over weapons that have been illegal as a result of the new våbenregler.

– There will be no extension. All who are brought to trial, risk losing their license and can get up to five years in prison, say police.

Supporters of increased gun control considers the action as a success. It says Hera Cook, a spokesman in the Gun Control NZ.

She compares våbenejeres criticism of the rhetoric used by the u.s. våbenlobby the National Rifle Association (NRA).

– Everything becomes a slippery slope, everything is a big burden for the våbenejere, and there are no compromises, there is reasonable, she says about the critic’s argument.

The australian citizen Brenton Tarrant is suspected and imprisoned for the attacks in Christchurch on 15. march of this year.