The net market in the Wiesseer center on 20. June tightly. Mayor Robert Boldly sets, meanwhile, all the levers in motion in order for a Grocery store to move in.

Bad Wiessee–The date: On Saturday, 20. June, includes net the small supermarket opposite the town hall. Since 2009, the branch offered here with a sales area of 332 square meters with a favorable purchasing opportunity in the centre. Not expressed the reasons for the company itself. The question of whether net from the place of approved or elsewhere, a new branch opens, leaves open, Christina Stylianou, head of corporate communications of Netto Marken-Discount,. “We ask for your understanding that we can communicate at the present time, no information about activities in Bad Wiessee”, she tells. Only so much: The lease for the building at the end of the 30. June. “The employees affected by the closing will be all of continue to be for the net,” says Stylianou.

net-employees continue to be employed

In the Tegernsee valley operates a no net market. A branch office in Tegernsee, Germany, had closed the company in the year 2015. Also for the Wiesseer establishment does not come as a surprise. Appropriate rumors began to increase a year ago.

The farewell of the net was a big loss for the town, says mayor Robert Kühn (SPD). How well the market is frequented, watch it live now: The market is located right next to his new workplace, the town hall. “Many older citizens a buy there, but also many apprentices,” says Kühn. The market is for many to walk or bike easily accessible. “And he is also the only effective market in place.” Aldi and Lidl were for many only accessible by Bus.

mayor Robert Boldly on in search of other Grocery

Kühn has already led to a number of talks in terms of net market. Especially with the owners of the building. That net close do sun-certainly not to the willingness of the landlord to renew the contract with the net, makes it Boldly clear. He does not suspect that the “old, small in-Store” fit into the corporate structure. Apparently, the many construction sites in the area would let the customer rate decrease, according to the mayor. The town hall will be extended next to the market.

Kühn’s goal is that one of the local suppliers to feed into the rooms. With the owners he was in close talks, he said. “I do everything, what is possible, to the appropriate contacts.” He is in the light of the commitment of the family owners optimistic that the talks will lead to success.

the future of the net-market had been Bold before, when he was not in the office, but a spokesman for the entrepreneur group for Active Wiesseer. In December 2019, he made a request to the citizens ‘ Assembly. If there was a concept for the revival of the town centre, he wanted to know at the time, and pushed for an idea of the retail report. This is the municipality, but was not presented to the public. In the meantime, Kühn know a little bit more. Also the report shows that the net well-to-close, reveals Bold.

retail report shows deficits

Known is that the analysis shows some deficits. As a provider and a drugstore are missing. New shops settle, the municipality of the Grühn-Site, a suitable surface in the eye. After the closure of the hotel Rex, the heritage community wants to sell the property to the town. However, the siblings Grühn struggle to find a common path, which is why the first Investor withdrew unnerved. Since then, the development is not quite there yet to be making good progress.

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