A man lost in a Munich police cell his life. Doctors wanted to take him to the clinic. Now the LKA determined.

In the night of Friday, a 49, passed away-Year-old in a detention cell. Previously, he was operated twice in a hospital – but there it didn’t want to take the Doctors. In the case of death, raises questions.

Munich – In the night of Friday, there was a tragic death in a Munich prison cell. He raises a number of questions. The Bavarian state office of criminal investigation has taken over the investigation of the death case.

Like the Munich police headquarters in a press release informs, died a 49-year-old homeless man . The German national was arrested on Thursday morning, initially for shoplifting by a police patrol fixed. The public Prosecutor’s office ordered that the Homeless on Friday, an investigating judge was present. However, more was to come.

Munich: homeless cell dies in Custody – Doctors don’t want to take him on twice in stationary

How the police Bureau informed, was the man to test his ability to stick in a clinic examined. Apparently, the officials had concerns due to the General state of health of the man. The Doctors at the hospital examined him, explained to him, however, for adhesive capable . So the homeless was brought to the detention facility of the Munich police.

in The evening, however, the condition of the Prisoners deteriorated. According to the police, the ‘ve shown symptoms, “probably alcoholic 49-Year-old strong withdrawal” , – stated in the press release. He had suffered pain. Therefore, the man was brought back to a hospital and treated. Again, the Doctors found, according to the police Bureau, but there is no need for an inpatient stay in the hospital.

Munich homeless man at about 5 o’clock lifeless found

So the man was brought to prison shortly after midnight, back in the prison. He lay down to sleep. About five hours later he was found lifeless.

needs to exactly when the homeless guy died, are now being investigated. In the case of the nocturnal periodic checks by the officials, there was initially no abnormalities. In a further control against 5 p.m. no signs of life were with the man, but then more noticeable. Immediate resuscitation was initiated but unsuccessful.

In the spring, succumbed to a homeless man after a tragic incident at the train station Pasing to his severe injuries. In the past year, a homeless man was found dead in Perlach with an alcohol intoxication – even, for him, came too late to help.

The especially terrible fate of the homeless Uwe W. moved in Munich in 2017. First of all, the man was fired five weeks later, he came under a Bus and died.

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