After the AGF’s 1-3 victory over FC Midtjylland at the heath, said Patrick Mortensen on Sunday that you have to take the CHIEF seriously in the mesterskabskampen.

But now pulls Patrick Mortensen in the country. It was not what he meant.

“It is clear I regret the way it came out.”

It says Patrick Mortensen day then to B. T.

“I should have said mesterskabsspillet. It was in the midst of the intoxication and joy that it came out of the mouth of me on the way. There was a little on the word, and it did, that it’s got a completely different meaning,” says Patrick Mortensen.

It was in an interview with TV3 after the game, Mortensen got to say the words. Next was Casper Højer Nielsen, and he regretted subsequently that he did not do something:

“When I was with the Right side, I put on’t really notice it. He said to me subsequently, that he was a little annoyed with that he had directed me, for he knew really well what I meant. It is clear that we are not idiots. We should not start believing that we can do it all. But I just think that it was a great statement yesterday,” says spidsangriberen.

Patrick Mortensen has all the time spoken AGF’s success this season down in the media, and therefore he may well see the fun in, it is him that ends with a trip in mediemøllen:

“It’s a little comical that it’s me who is dumber on the way, because I throughout the season has managed to put the lid on and keep your feet on the ground and be humble about our situation. So it was not supposed to come out, as it did yesterday.”

Mortensen makes it clear that the goal remains the same as it always has been:

It is not the championship we’re talking about in the club. We still have a goal, which is called the top-6, and it looks reasonable.. But if, or hopefully when, we reach our goal, so we have enough internally to put a new sub-goals. We have all set a goal to finish as high up the table as possible. It is important to point out that we are not finished yet. We must continue to scrape points together,” ends the attacker.

Patrick Mortensen is the topscorer for AGF in this season with eight hits.