summer time is cherry time: Until the end of July, the red fruits have in Germany season. The round delicacies are, however, very sensitive, and improper storage after a few days mold. To make cherries preserved as long as possible, should fruit note-Fans of both Picking as well as the storage of some things.


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to pick cherries, or buy it: The long handle makes all the difference

whether you Pick or in the supermarket: Always on the stem of the eighth. Without the green stems of the cherries lose their juice and dry out. In addition, bacteria or fungi to enter through the open area to the pulp and mold threatens. When shopping, also make sure that the stem is lush green and smooth. This is a sign of Freshness.

Important: Once picked, not ripe cherries. Therefore, should you buy the fruit only or pick if they are ripe and bright red. Cherry cracks – fingers have gone. Firstly, this is an indication that the cherry has to get a lot of rain, which is why it tastes often watery. Secondly, the Vacancies to attract fruit flies.

cherries store: get Out of the plastic

After purchasing or Picking, it is important to store the cherries properly. In the supermarket, the cherries are Packed in plastic bags. Once home, you should take the fruit immediately out. Because in the bags or bowls, the air can circulate poorly, which has a mold to follow. Prefer to be in a box and with a kitchen paper, spread the excess moisture soaks.

In the refrigerator the fruit will keep for two to three days. Cherries should be washed shortly before consumption. This prevents premature formation of mould.

cherries, freezing, cooking, or

Who would like to later eat cherries can you freeze easily. In a freezer bag and cherries will keep for several months. It has been freezing in two ways: with or without a core. With core, you lose less liquid, without a core it has later less effort. A further possibility is to process The fruit to a jam more. The cherries with the jam Sugar and bring to a boil and place in sterile jars.

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