“I’m sticking to it: We had good success with the comparatively low death cases without the school closures are not done,” said the epidemiologist and SPD politician Karl Lauterbach as a guest in the ZDF-show “Markus Lanz” on Thursday.

Closed schools as an “intolerable situation”

Previously, the Moderator Markus Lanz had not referred to the closed schools as “intolerable”, he understand. He pointed to the dispute between “image” and the virologist Christian Drosten and its also in scientific circles, controversial study virus susceptibility of children.

countries such as Denmark would take it, but otherwise, said Lanz. “What we are doing now is a Disaster”, he claimed.

ZDF tele-show “do not Think that we can open in the autumn, schools with a whole class size”

Yet to be guest in many talk shows from the last weeks are always the pessimistic doubter, referred rather to the fact that the case numbers in Germany are simply too low for meaningful studies.

What he had to say instead to not be listening to many parents: “I would do everything that we train with thinned-out classes, and a lot of Ventilation and the accompanying learning opportunities for home students well. I wouldn’t leave but the fact that we are in the autumn will be able to open the schools with a whole class size.”

Karl Lauterbach resist Markus Lanz

speaks The wanted Lanz not apply and pointed to a recent study by the University of Heidelberg with the result: “Yes, we can open the schools again.” Lauterbach did not contradict: “it is not meaningful. In Germany we have very few cases, this is not to say, most of the children are simply contagious.”

In the autumn, could change quickly if more people are in the interiors, and then might catch a lot more children, and the Virus in the classrooms to pass on. According to Bach’s advice: to avoid any risk, he would for the time after the summer the class rooms holiday grooming, adequate ventilation, and a part of the lesson in the next half of the year continues to be a digital offer.

The whereabouts of the “second wave”

not surprisingly, Lauterbach previously had images of a boozy mass rally from Berlin’s Landwehr canal, taken on the Whitsun week-end, sharply criticized. The played scenes, so the SPD politician, gave the impression that the pandemic was over.

This, however, is “completely the wrong Signal”, and, moreover, whether it is “disrespectful to that man celebrates in front of the hospital, where the people inside are, the respiration will be”. Lauterbach: “If this continues, the repercussions will clear the second wave.”

The objection of the moderator, Lauterbach’ve often warned of a “second wave”, but have come so far, to answer the “Markus Lanz”series, guest with new insights: “What we, as epidemiologists, not expected, is the importance of the Individual, which are very contagious.”

“I don’t want to explain the sourpuss with the bad news be”

the so-called “super spreader” a “so large a part of the pandemic” had been for him and his colleagues in the science a Surprise. The effect of this “Super distributors” have you can by a mask of duty and the prohibition of large-scale events effectively contain it.

He wanted to be “the grouch”, the only bad news to deliver, said Lauterbach. And yet, there is also a downside: “The bad news is, if I have a super-spreader such as in schools, do I have to close very much at the same time.”

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