At the Markus Lanz show on ZDF is high. A virologist is surprising due to Corona on of Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow, a Economist raises serious allegations against the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

debate on Corona-crisis *: In the case of Markus Lanz in ZDF is high. the virologist Dr. Martin striker severely criticized Bodo Ramelows Coronavirus *comparison with HIV. An Economist is critical of the policy of the Federal government, Angela Merkel, to address the economic consequences of the Covid-19-pandemic *.

München/Erfurt – relaxations, in loose -, loosening – Prime Minister of Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow (Left) polarized in the Corona-crisis in Germany .

While some citizens are likely to the urge Ramelows to more and more normality in the Coronavirus pandemic* allegedly offers, the thrust of Erfurt, in particular, Bavaria’s government much too quickly, especially the Prime Minister, Markus Söder (CSU).

the Corona-comparison of Bodo Ramelow polarized in the ZDF-sendung Markus Lanz

Ramelow has not been certified in the past few days, but always a happy choice of words – just be Corona-HIV-comparison polarized huge.

“is to protect a highly personal task. You can also protect against HIV, only themselves personally. Since neither regulations nor bans will not help. And so the people will have to learn to live with the pathogen of Sars-CoV-2“, had said the 64-year-old head of government of Thuringia.

For that he got now from the virologist Dr. Martin striker from Frankfurt neat to hear what a leading expert in the research to HI-Virus . “This is something other than HIV . I think the comparison is tremendous,“ said the striker in the show, Markus Lanz on ZDF, in the dispute between his colleagues, Christian Drosten, and the image newspaper was talking about.

ZDF: a virologist at Markus Lanz irritated of Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow

striker moved with reference to the Ramelows statements of self-comparison. “I can, if I want to avoid it, me in my apartment locked up and the key throw away and not go out. This is the way how I found myself in front of it (in front of the Coronavirus, d. ed.) can protect,” said the Frankfurt-based researcher: “We are on very, very thin ice. We are not yet so far, we are on the safe side.“

+ In the criticism: Prime Minister of Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow to Corona’s statements.©dpa / Martin Schutt

It was not the only heated topic in Markus Lanz – the guests also discussed eagerly about the economic management of the Corona-crisis* eagerly. Moderator Lanz , welcomed, among others, the economist, Daniel Stelter .

Corona-the criticism of Angela Merkel at the Markus Lanz show on ZDF

“There was a time when all of us dizzy, if instead of millions, suddenly billions of the speech was. Now we talk of trillions, breathtaking sums of money for the USA at some point, possibly just needs to be” said Lanz and quoted the Economist a few meters next to him: “Our government is tired, to tell the tale of rich Germany. The truth is that We have not covered; we distribute the money we have not; and at the same time breaks up our infrastructure.“

Stelter nodded in agreement, realized obviously his quotes again – serious allegations against the Federal government of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) .

“We have in recent years saved. But it is the politicians who have saved were, of course, but the citizens helped the state to save on our taxes and levies“, so Stelter then. What exactly he means with his criticism?

Economist at Markus Lanz on the Corona-crisis: Germany should give away money to

He chose an example: this is Italy would-payers via the ” Merkel-Macron-Plan from us German tax of approximately 135 billion euros, it was a gift. This is what is happening, in fact. The EU, together € 500 billion, which gives the countries affected by the crisis,” he explained and shared his opinion in front of millions of viewers: “it’s not us, that are Italy and Spain, also France would like to have something like this. And afterwards, everyone pays a share of the repayments, our share is about 30 percent.“

Stelter went in his argument on the Offensive. “I’m all for it: We should give Italy money directly, and also say so. So that we can get better, because you know that you get money as a gift,“ he said and pointed out that Italian Private households have much less debt than the German Private households.

Markus Lanz on ZDF: Economist calls by the German government, Merkel investments

“The German Private households have approximately percent of 60 percent of gross domestic product, debt, the Italians 40. If you look at the total debt, Private households and the government, Italy is one of the most solid countries in Europe, in addition to Germany and Austria . The debt-sinners is France,“ he explained.

+ In the Corona-crisis in criticism: Chancellor Angela Merkel, next to Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder.©dpa / Kay Nietfeld

The Economist said: “The Italians could your public debt -issue (estimated to be 2500 billion euros, ed.) easily solved by a tax on your wealth at a higher rate.“

the Federal government, Merkel Is addressing the issue so completely wrong? Pays Germany in the Corona-crisis for other countries which could help themselves more?

Stelter had, in any case, even a Council; “We don’t need to save after the crisis, we must invest.”


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