The German man on the 63-year-old was admitted to hospital with high fever, difficult breathing, discoloration of skin and pain in one leg.

It appears by a report in the medical journal the European Journal of Case Reports in Internal Medicine, writes CNN.

“He had been touched and licked, but not bitten or harmed by his dog – that was his only pets – in the weeks leading up to,” notes doctors from the Rotes Kreuz hospital in Bremen in the report.

over the next 30 hours and got the man it worse and worse.

His liver function was impaired, his brain was damaged, his intestines were paralyserede, and his heart stopped at one point to beat, before it succeeded to the doctors to get it to knock again.

After 16 days in the hospital, slept the patient check.

It turned out that the man had an extremely rare infection as a result Deneme Bonusu of that his dog had licked him.

exactly, he had become infected with the bacterium ‘capnocytophaga canimorsus’, found in the mouth of dogs and cats. It is only in extremely rare cases, that it be transferred to humans, but if it happens, it can lead to a severe blood poisoning with a high mortality rate.

If you get infected with the bacterium, it happens most often through the bite – but it was apparently not the case for the German man, writes CNN.

As a rule, it is most often also people with impaired immune systems or with alcohol problems, who are vulnerable to infection.

the report calls on doctors to people with pets looking for help, if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, which is unusual.