review: Sandra Maischberger it went on Wednesday, among other things, the protests in the United States after the violent death of the African-American George Floyd. On the ARD-chairs in the evening, Terra X”-presenter Dirk Steffens sat, as announced “, the Federal Rübsamen foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, the ARD stock market expert Anja Kohl, FOCUS columnist Jan Fleischhauer and Virologist Helga-Schaeff. No one with an immigrant background. The black scholar Priscilla Layne was switched from the USA.

In an Interview with the media service glinner Berger responded mash Tun to the criticism from all sides. “The criticism of this special shipment has surprised me but actually because it was based on wrong facts,” said the presenter. At the same time they acknowledged, “we need to communicate better. And: That we must be at our invitation policy is still sensitive.“

ARD/Screenshot researcher Priscilla Layne (left), foreign Minister Heiko Maas and presenter Sandra Maischberger.

Maischberger selection of the guest

explains The 53-Year-old declared the coming of this illustrious round, which you would not expect necessarily for a Talk on the subject of George Floyd and racism. “The five people that were communicated, however, were not originally invited in the first line on this issue.” Foreign Minister Heiko Maas should speak to the lifting of the travel warning, the Virologist Helga Rübsamen-Schaeff to the state of the Corona-research and with the three journalists, it should go to the stimulus package of the Federal government. “So that was an error in communication, you must say clear. In addition, the guest list was by this time complete.“

The researcher Priscilla Layne slipped at the last minute in the show. You speculated on Twitter that she had been invited as a “Last Minute guest” only because she was black.

“It was not a Last Minute thought”

This accusation was rejected maischberger: “It was not a Last Minute thought, a black guest to invite. We did not want to discuss the topic with a Person, the skin not only qua color Expertise brings, but also professionally dealt with.“ Vortex Studio guest Maischberger harvest before TV Talk harsh criticism, FOCUS Online/Wochit vortex Studio guest Maischberger harvest before TV Talk massive criticism

to investigate on Sunday, before the controversy that would have started the editor, a conversation partner in the United States. First contacts have been made, a note to Priscilla Layne followed, the Maischberger has been recommended because of their Research focus. “It is a position that we would have to react with your invitation to criticism. This is simply wrong,“ said the presenter.

The accusation, in your shipment a “white” perspective, countered Maischberger: “We had discussed, among other things, Ranga Yogeshwar, Sawsan Chebli, Ferdos Forudastan, Pinar Atalay, or it puts the guest and with you, especially topics such as racism and Migration. But Yes: we can always be better.“

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