the Development of next season’s car is already well on the way, says Kevin Magnussen before the end of the last contest.

The Danish racing driver Kevin Magnussen and the rest of the Haas crew is slowly starting to look forward to next season, after a year where things are far from has brought for the Formula 1 team.

It says Magnussen in an interview on Haas’ website.

– I think we have had a much harder car than in, for example, 2017. But we have handled things better and got more out of it. It has made us more ready for next year, ” says Magnussen.

– We have come a long way, and we are quite excited about next year, sounds it.

Magnussen and team-mate Romain Grosjean is respectively number 16 and 18 in the overall WORLD cup position.

Haas is the penultimate in the standings Aresbet for the constructors.

In the upcoming weekend waiting for the last grandprix in Abu Dhabi.

no matter what however, it is clear that Haas’ two drivers did not come close to retrieve the same number of points as in 2018. Here ended Magnussen at an overall ninth place with 56 points. Grosjean was 14th with 37 points.

In the 2019 season, has Haas had problems with the car. The hope Magnussen, that the team can use constructively towards the next season.

We all feel that we will have to go a new way next year, and it is already happening. The development of next year’s car is well on its way, and it has been in a while. We have done a lot to prepare ourselves for the next season.

– I will not say that we have completely abandoned the here season’s car, but we have been compelled to focus on the car in 2020 instead of to try to save this season’s model, saith the Danish racing driver.

The british stjernekører Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) has already secured the overall WORLD cup victory prior to the season’s final contest.