There is almost talk about a tale of horror.

It is a negative record of the greats, as several u.s. media have referred to. A lottery win amounting to nearly 100 million Danish crowns were not picked up within the time limit. Why can the winner not claim to get the money paid out

“There is nothing more exciting for the Arizona Lottery than to award a big jackpot. So we are always a bit sad when one of the prizes not being picked up,” says managing director Gregg Edgar.

It writes among other things the UNITED states Today.

the Ticket was bought from a Circle K gas station in Phoenix, Arizona. But the prize was never collected.

Lottodirektøren reports that about one-third of the amount goes to the charitable purpose.

“the Money will be used to improve the customer experience with future games. They must also be used on a number of charitable purposes that are of huge importance for our society,” he says.

The latest record for unclaimed prizes was set in 1999. Here was an amount equivalent to approximately 27 million Danish crowns’t picked up.