It started in the last week. There’s a certain Philip was at “Late Night Berlin”, Plein guest. Philipp Plein, fashion designer, according to Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, even “the most successful German designers in the world”. But that’s why Philipp Plein was not there, because otherwise the two would’ve talked at least a little bit about Design. At least, is quite obvious in the case of a Designer. No, Philipp Plein was from two quite different reasons for “Late Night in Berlin”.

money in the General and Special

of course, because a few days later, the Finale of “Germany’s next Topmodel” should rise, in which a very special guest star was expected: Philipp Plein. Have a look at. And that brings us to the second topic of conversation of the Evening. You guessed it: Philipp Plein. The Designer talked about money in General and money in Particular, and it was not nice to look at, how much the presentation area for him, the otherwise quick-witted Heufer-were in circulation for it.

Now you can say that it belongs to just that one must make as the ProSieben entertainer a bit of advertising for the own channel and its advertising partners. But you can also notice that the had for the audience a null value in entertainment, because the Rest of the Show was not just a highlight of the TV entertainment. Especially not, if you can, once again, to reminisce, what has been done by Heufer-Umlauf, even in the Corona of the time with the limited funds and everything.

tongue kiss in Thuringia

Even if maybe not everything looked like in the past few weeks, according to the Grimme award, it was impressive, what Heufer-Umlauf and his Team have come up with. And perhaps, therefore, it is a little bit understandable, that in the most recent edition of “Late Night Berlin” a little bit of the air was out from the start. Because at some point even the last of the Corona is made-Gag and started Heufer-Umlauf rather lau in the late Monday night.

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“Clearly, from Berlin. This Show from Thuringia, would be the would come off quite differently. Then I get out of that direct, naked, and you would have been greeted with a tongue kiss. This is the new thing in Thuringia, you should now everything“, quips Heufer-Umlauf slightly undercooked on the new relaxations in Thuringia, in his Stand-up Part, where he fights in an otherwise rather with a fine blade.

Jacob heads to the eyrie

the Rest of his Gags does not want to detonate so right: “I want to enjoy and at this time, Corona private. I want to have the advantages of Corona and Jogging pants at home sitting on the Couch, all the occupational stress times behind me. The colleagues from the office, more time for the children.“ With this Humor-deficit Heufer’s circulation in the prepared one-player, but even here he can not raise the level significantly.

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the Sidekick, Jakob Lundt to dress up as a teenager and “Teenager to bring that you adhere to the Corona-rules.” The first humor attempt is that Lundt, of the radiates optically rather the charm of a German-Referendars, looks in teenager clothes, first ridiculous and then rather scary. Or as he put it, Heufer-Umlauf: “You look like an Idiot.” What comes then, is rather to be filed under the heading of foreign shame, as a sub-sense of Humor, but in comparison to what was yet to come, almost creative.

Baklava and Bob Ross

Instead of Philipp Plein Edin Hasanovic is this time, namely, a guest. The actor is noticed, recently, that he has delivered at the German film prize, one of the best presentations of recent TV history, because he led almost single-handedly by the audience-free Show and for a couple of hours Corona forget made.

In Heufer-Umlauf happened, however, is the exact opposite of entertainment. Hasanovic comes with homemade Baklava to the Studio, and later his dog toddles and the actor tells that he has now started to Youtube-to paint Tutorials like Bob Ross.

“You’re not a shot tiger wizard”

And as by the dogs-Intervention’t even have a real conversation is concluded, pushes Heufer-Umlauf the next guest, and shows that this time he had even no desire for creativity. The guest is, in fact, Timon Krause. Was already posted in the past week, “Joko and Klaas against ProSieben” as a show act, and Challenger, and “it is no longer thinking about what he did,” explains Heufer-Umlauf, that Krause is now at “Late Night, Berlin” to a guest.

Heufer-Umlauf tries to jazz Krause a bit high: “You’re not a shot tiger magician, you’re a Mentalist”, but that doesn’t change the fact that Krause does what makes a sorcerer so: Tricks with cards, paper and boxes. Not that that wouldn’t be impressive, but it’s also a bit of a Show-sub-lease of Heufer-Umlauf. If the air is out, the air is out of there. And so lau, the broadcast started, so lau Heufer-Umlauf initiates already at the beginning of his return after the summer break, with a last bad Corona-Gag: “do Not panic for all viewers in the fall, we are back. Just in time for the second wave of Infection, we are back.“

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