This is, without a doubt, one of the authors the most prolific that popular culture has ever known : songs, stories, skits, plays, novels… Jean-Loup Dabadie passed away at the age of 81, announced his agent at Agence France-Presse, confirming information of le Figaro. Dabadie leaves a huge implementation. Lyricist talent for Julien Clerc (” Women, I love you “), Serge Reggiani (The” Little Boy “), Michel Sardou (” Singer of jazz “) or Michel Polnareff (Lettre à France “), writer at success (It only happens to others, The Slap, An elephant that misleads enormously), the author of most of the skits of Guy Bedos, novelist, Dabadie was a jack-of-all-trades who had built the French Academy in 2008.

Sensitive, melancholic, romantic, smile, flirty, rarely vulgar or rude, Dabadie has reigned over the popular culture for nearly five decades. “I am not a specialist of anything. I have written songs, skits and scenarios, at the option of the accidents of life and my encounters. When I finish writing a film, I am very glad I practice in a different discipline, to take a ticket for another trip, ” he explained in a masterclass in 2016.

It was a companion of Claude protestant redemption church, of which he has signed the scenarios of most films. With the death of Michel Piccoli Monday, the small world of protestant redemption church and a part of the French spirit are gone.