Verdict chrono

Between the scooters 125 cm3 of entry and the beautiful machines such as the AK 550, Kymco proposes for 2015 a spacecraft properly positioned, the DownTown 350 TCS, with a new Exclusive version rather elegant. If this scooter does not benefit from all the technological advances or the architecture of its bigger brothers, built like a real motorcycle, it fulfills with happiness of the mission that is assigned to him / her : sneaking into urban areas and thrive on the major routes, due in particular to a motor bluffing.

The line, seductive and sporty, stands out a little bit of competing japanese.

The concept

This is the limit of all the compromises : there has been a lot, but we would have liked a little more of everything. More power, or more record-route, or more maneuverability. The DownTown 350 offers a lot, it is a fact. Kymco wanted it that way : a kind of machine that combines many of the advantages, to hunt on the lands of the gear of japanese, such as the Forza or the XMax. The gear is well born, comfortable, rather stylish, well-equipped, damn good motor. At its edge, it certainly has everything that the modern urban want to have. Kymco is obviously installed his system Noodoe, which passes from the smartphone to a whole bunch of information at the dashboard, has, of course, ABS (braking is amazing quality), and, recently, a system of Traction control. In short, an attractive price, it really has a lot. His line, mi-GT mi-sport, the difference between a bit in the mass of its rivals, particularly through the finish, very elegant, the Exclusive version. We appreciate, for example, the footboards and footrests of the passenger, nicely coated aluminum. A bad point however for the dashboard, which is certainly very complete, but the style is questionable. But the DownTown 350 inspires confidence for the short haul urban and long walks.

The dashboard, legible and complete, has an appearance somewhat antiquated. On the central screen display information transmitted by the system Noodoe.

living aboard

The saddle gives an idea of the mind : wide, well-designed, it invites you to stroll. The passenger is also treated, which has a seat and welcoming back splash offered by the top box. Under this saddle, there is plenty you can stay a full and a jet, even if a flexible enters only after reflection… But, with a top box in addition, the Kymco is transformed almost break ! The equipment is complete, the stalks, intuitive, but the bubble that lets air flow and is not adjustable. It also has two storage spaces that do not close at key. In this respect, one can also regret the absence of a system of keyless. On the other hand, the engine would only attract praise. Coupleux, nervous, supported by a system of Traction control, it leaves behind many of its rivals the green light. Kymco is not for nothing an engine manufacturer that provides many manufacturers of two-wheels. This engine is, and it is a pity, rather badly supported by the part cycle. It is not designed in the image of its predecessors, such as the AK 550, with a central beam and a double T, which is detrimental to the precision of the fork. At low speed, the Down Town 350 is handy, no doubt, but loses a little of its accuracy at high speeds. The braking, on the other hand, is without blemish, accurate, and reassuring. At this rate, 1 000 euros more than the version 125 cm3, it is already widely used !

The space under the seat accommodates a full face and a jet, depending on the manufacturer. We can also accommodate a helmet is modular, with a bit of difficulty.

notice of the Point motorcycle

the pleasant with The useful. You know the expression. She fits perfectly in this gear, beautifully designed and a damn good motor. Without be excellent everywhere except, once again, the engine, the DownTown 350, is nearly faultless in all points. He loves the city, the countryside, great roads. On a niche market of scooters GT in full swing, the machine taiwan is well worth the detour. Especially, as we have already said, at this price canon.

We liked :

The engine


The price

We like least :

The part-cycle, which is hard to follow

The dashboard

The finish

DownTown 350i ABS-Exclusive TCS

Engine : single cylinder 320,6 cm3, cooling liquid, injection, 4 t

max Power : 28.2 hp at 7 750 tr/min

max Torque : 29 Nm at 6 500 tr/min

fuel Tank : 12.5 litres

Weight : 183 kg

Price : 5 599 €