Greta Thunberg takes the title as the Person in front of, among others, Donald Trump and the demonstrators in Hong kong.

The 16-year-old Swedish klimaaktivist Greta Thunberg is chosen as the Person in 2019 by the american news magazine Time.

It informs Time on the social media Twitter.

the Title denotes a person, a group, a country, an organization or an idea that has put a significant mark – positive or negative – on the year that was.

Thunberg is a prominent voice in the fight against climate change. She began over a year ago its skolestrejke for the climate.

Here she was in august 2018 away from teaching every Friday and marched in place in front of the Parliament in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

Many of the pupils and students in different places in the world have since then been inspired by the young Swedish klimaaktivist.

Times chief editor, Edward Felsenthal, explains on the Times website, why does the title accrue to precisely Thunberg.

– to mute the alarm over humanity’s destructive relationship to the only home we have, to come up with a voice that cuts through the backgrounds and borders in a fragmented world.

– And to show us all how it can look, when a new generation is leading the way, is Greta Thunberg Year Person in 2019, says editor-in-chief.

Four other candidates were in the last race to get the title.

It is about the president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump, the demonstrators in Hong kong, the whistleblower in the ongoing Ukraine-case as well as Nancy Pelosi, who is chairman of the House of Representatives.

In september protested the millions of protesters in up to 185 different countries with a message to world leaders to do something about climate change.

– for decades, researchers and activists tried to get world leaders to take climate change seriously. But over the years have a teen on the improbable show managed to get the attention of the world, writes Time.

Time has also published a number of other kåringer.

the UNITED states kvindefodboldlandshold is the Year of the Athlete, and the american singer and rapper Lizzo is the Entertainer.

“Officials” are as unified concept in June of that Year the Guardians with regard to the whistleblowere, while Disney’s ceo, Bob Iger, is chosen as the year forretningsperson.