With the headline “How JK Rowling’s ‘really happy’ to have the Wife beater to Johnny Depp in the new ‘Fantastic beasts’Film cast?” began in April 2018, a year-long legal dispute between “The Sun” and actor Johnny Depp, with the provisional climax is now reached. Both parties met this Morning for the first Day of the trial of the three weeks of the scheduled procedure prior to court each other.

Depp, who denies the allegations of abuse resistant, has sued the magazine for defamation, while the other side holds that the accusations are true. To clarify now, who has the right to be heard in the course of the next few weeks several witnesses. On the side of the actor Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder for your Ex-Partner to testify, for example. Both have already said publicly, and indicated that it had come in their relations, never to domestic violence.

Amber Heard speaks of the “Sun”

As a Star witness for the “Sun” is Depp’s Ex-wife Amber Heard statements on the allegations in the headline of the newspaper calls. To the process, the actress, with the support of her sister and her lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, who has represented Julian Assange, and their new friend, cinematographer Bianca Butti and new allegations appeared. According to the “Daily Mail” is Heard three further witness statements made that Depp would continue to charge.

In the run-up to the process, accusations from both sides were always public, the trace the image of Depp’s and Heards, both as victims and as perpetrators. So Depp will have his wife in ecstasy-to-noise for three days so severely abused that their lip aufplatze, your nose is swollen and she had bruises and wounds all over the body.

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First of all, Johnny Depp expressed, however, as the first witness of the present process day-to-voice on a recording, you can listen to an argument the former couple. Heard is to have the actor hit the have tried the Situation to de-escalate the Situation, whereupon Heard-but when You’re just “such a Baby. Going to fucking grow up,“ replied the other. As Depp’s lawyer today announced, were lying Heards statements “everything”. Johnny Depp “is not a Woman beater and never will”.

against side-accusations

In the process, which had to be postponed due to the Corona pandemic of March, it is statement against statement by: Depp to Ex his wife was not to blame, that their accusations are true, and that she was the actual perpetrator. Amber Heard on the other side, accuses the actor that he had beaten them in the influence of drugs and alcohol several times and was also strangled.

told As an Insider against the “Daily Mail”, it will probably be hard for both parties to present clear evidence. “You will have to make long statements and their credibility as a witness will be what will make the process. It will be both difficult and the process will be a true Hollywood Blockbuster,“ says the Insider.

process the cost of 1 million pounds

It is that the process is Johnny Depp and News Group Newspapers (NGN), the publisher of the “Sun” around a million pounds will cost is suspected. The output is likely to have an impact on another lawsuit Depp’s: He sued Amber Heard to $ 50 million due to a column in the “Washington Post”, in which she described herself as a victim of domestic abuse.

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