Johnny Depp counter-attack. The actor has firmly denied on Wednesday being a “monster” who hit his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, after a mockery on his tattoo, on the second day of his defamation lawsuit against the tabloid british The Sun, which had portrayed violent husband. The face covered with a scarf, the ex-husband arrived separately at the High Court in London, who looks for three weeks on the case of the Sun and its owner, News Group Newspapers (NGN).

The actor 57 years old, the hero of the saga pirates of the Caribbean, blames them for having presented as a proven fact, in an article published in April 2018, he has hit his ex-wife, from whom he was divorced with a crash in 2017. The hearing has again turned to the great unpacking, Johnny Depp being questioned relentlessly by the lawyer of NGN on his addiction to drugs and alcohol. He recognized that he had “succumbed to old demons” in march 2013, after 160 days of sobriety, but he denied that he had then slapped three times Amber Heard, as she states.

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“Wino Forever”

According to the lawyer, Sasha Wass, the actress was made fun of a tattoo of Johnny Depp, “Wino Forever” (” Drunkard forever “), transformation of the inscription ” Winona Forever “, which is made after his break-up with actress Winona Ryder in the 1990s. “You’ve slapped in the face more than once, because after you hit her the first time she did not react, she just fixed the eyes, and it made you more angry and you slapped in the face again,” she insisted.

After having become aware of his actions, he would have spoken for the first time to his wife of the “monster” that is in him, ” your alter ego, the person who is taking over when you were under the influence of alcohol and drugs “. “This is absolutely wrong,” retorted Johnny Depp. I have not hit miss Heard. “

The two ex-spouses had met on the set of Rum Express, in 2011, before marrying in February 2015, in Los Angeles. They were divorced two years later. The actress, 34-year-old was then referred to the “years” of abuse ” physical and psychological “, accusations strongly challenged by Johnny Depp.