Donald Trump has called the former british MI6 spy Christopher Steele for ‘a freak’, ‘a fool’ and ‘a Trump-hate’.

Now it turns out that the very same Christopher Steele and the president’s pride and joy, his eldest daughter and the personal adviser Ivanka Trump has been close friends since 2007.

The detection shows up in a comprehensive report, prepared by the u.s. efterretsningstjeneste. And about the assumed ‘Trump-hate’ Christopher Steele writes, the intelligence service boss Michael Horowitz bl.a.:

“Christopher Steele was certainly not fjentligt set opposite the Trump family, on the contrary. He liked them.”

It was the former MI6 spy, who in 2016, up the today infamous report (The Steele Dossier) about Donald Trumps alleged links to Russia and Vladimir Putin.

In its investigation, which was first funded by the Donald Trumps republican opponents and the side of Trumps democratic candidate against Hillary Clinton, revealed Christopher Steele several embarrassing stories.

Bl.a. one could in ‘The Steele Dossier’ read that Donald Trump had paid the Russian prostitutes to urinate on a bed in a luxury hotel in Moscow and in the same report, it was suggested to the Russian government for years had ‘processed’ the Trump to make him a kind of Russian spy.

None of the wild claims have been confirmed. On the contrary, considered the majority of the ‘Steele Report’ today for a session to resolve rumors.

In intelligence just offentligjorte report states that especially the FBI at the beginning of their Trump/Russia-studies put too much emphasis on ‘Steele Report’.

the Intelligence chief Michael Horowitz stresses, however, that both the FBI and the CIA had good reason to investigate a possible connection between Russia and Trumps campaigning, and the report states that the survey was conducted without political undertones.

And in the midst of the political wrangling that has followed in the wake of the new report, get the unveiling of the effort at friendship between Ivanka and Steele big attention.

According to Michael Horowitz and the new report met Ivanka and Christopher Steele at a dinner in 2007. Ago invited Ivanka Trump, the british spy to the Trump Tower in New York city, where she arbejede as a leader in the organization.

Via email, telephone conversations and regular meetings were Ivanka and the british spy, according to the new report ‘private friends’.

In 2010, the Ivanka Trump, to Christopher Steele, who had now started his own company, Orbis (intelligence in forretningeverdenen), to work for Trump Orgaisationen.

the work was never for anything. But the friendship continued until 2015, when the track in the new report is being ‘cold’.

At the start of the 2016 travel Christopher Steele, according to the british newspaper the Guardian to Russia, where he begins to research the Donald Trumps alleged relationship with Russian politicians and forretningsledere.

According to the Washington Post do not want Christopher Steele or Ivanka Trump to comment on the new revelations. And it is not yet known whether or not Ivankas father, president Donald Trump well-known to the surprising friendship.