the realization of The “Benediktusweg” at the monastery moved is Benediktbeuern in the near future. If the Funding is there, it should go to the implementation.

Benediktbeuern– Since 2018 Sabine Rauscher (Director of the guest Info), Christian Höck (sacristan, and in the management of village renewal), as well as father Claudius Amann from the monastery of Benediktbeuern in the project “Benediktusweg” work. In essence, it is about to make to the spirituality of St. Benedict in Benediktbeuern tangible. Visitors to the rules of the hl. Benedict of Nursia, born may transfer to 480, in the present. In the project’s book author Petra Altmann, who has written numerous books on the saints, and of its significance for the present time is involved.

The “Benediktusweg” to be run on existing Trails to the West of the monastery and, with money from the village renewal is promoted. “The planning is very beautiful,” says Peter Oster, head of the Benediktbeuern village renewal programme by the office for Rural development. Easter expects total costs in the amount of 33 350 Euro. 61 percent of which go beyond the authority. There were now in the most recent meeting at the end of may the green light. 39 per cent of the costs attributable to the municipality.

stelae for Benediktusweg were in the monastery of saw cut

“We are now waiting for the funding decision, and then it can go,” says Rauscher. Planned are twelve pillars, on which short texts are mounted which can be read with the help of a QR-code in depth on the Internet. The texts are from Petra Altmann. The stelae were cut into the monastery, saw, already, reported by Rauscher. A graphics office will then take care of the design of the inscriptions on the steles.

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you will have different priorities. It is planned, for example, that you can put up at the hostel with the theme of “generations” apart, on the biotope on the “mindfulness to the creation of the” think and in the fruit garden of the monastery is the thought of the hl. Benedict on “food and drink” can be read.

Benediktusweg: At a Bank on the subject of humility, to think

On a bench with mountain views in the moss in the Stele on “humility” should indicate, in the intercultural community garden could come to the issue of openness to Foreign to the expression. In order for people to be addressed, staying at the monastery and for the spiritual topics of interest: Locals and guests, hikers, pilgrims, participants and groups that are in the monastery as a guest. The guest Info to offer an accompanying booklet and in their brochures or Online platforms advertise, says Rauscher. Also, you could take the theme of “Benediktusweg” in the program of the center for environment and culture.

when was inaugurated the way, is currently difficult to assess difficult, says Rauscher. “We need to look at how we can take in the Corona-time Work,” says the head of the guest Info.