you would not believe how happy I was when I learned that my tribe-Waxing-Studio has been opened after the Lockdown again. But it was also time, I felt gradually as Chewbaccas little sister.

don’t shave Why, you ask? Because … uh, how do I tell … I get so quickly razor burn. Because it looks ugly and unsightly to the touch, I let waxing me (usually) once in a month.

apart from that, I teach self-the legs-to Shave each and every Time a medium-heavy massacre.

Common love of the game: you Shave your partner

you Should be, differently than I, a) will be able to use a razor to cut without eight times in the leg, and b) not overly sensitive Princess skin in the lumbar area, I have a suggestion for you: Shave your partner. Or you have to build the common shave in your love game.

A sexy classic that is perfect to give to dormant relationships a little pepper. Because the Partner of his bikini zone perform, to scraping with a sharp blade on it, requires trust. And a certain amount of risk-willingness. And, somehow, it’s almost kind of a little bit hot.

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you are currently Single and have no one or not with wool on them? No Problem, the tips of my now following intimate shaving Guide can also be relaxed alone apply.

tip 1: The right preparation

you trim the Hair to a Minimum, before you start shaving. Everything else clogged the Blades of the shaver. Then, you should treat your skin to a short warm-up phase warm water, the pores can open. This makes the hair follicles more elastic, and it is easier to shave.

tip 2: choosing The right instrument

Everyone had him already in the shower around The razor, which has its best times long behind itself. You know: stubble hair between the Blades, maybe even a little rust from the shower water. This is not appetizing, but. These razors do not take please. You must, however, rise again from the shower, to fishing to a new disposable Shaver from the bathroom cabinets of your girlfriend? You can do it.

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Why a fresh blade is so important? Because otherwise it can lead to cutting injuries. And even if not, see you the next day guaranteed as a crumble cake.

Oh, Yes: Please ALWAYS shaving foam or a ph-neutral shower gel to use. This softens the skin and hair and nourishes our most sensitive part of the body right from the start.

tip 3: One Direction

you Shave only in the direction of growth. The other way around is more thorough, but it can lead to nasty skin irritation. You can also drag the point you want to shave with one Hand tightly. Whether for yourself or for your partner. (Also interesting: The 8 most common mistakes men at the skin care make)

tip 4: bath or shower?

This is a question of taste. In the case of the shaving of a second would suit me personally but the shower more. Not only because I imagine it uncomfortable to raise my Panties halfway shaveable from the bath water. Well, you could put also the same, while the Partner is kneeling in the warm Wet and gently applying Hand. However, the Standing freezes, and the Kneeling bathe in pubic hair stubble. I say to both is no. Team shower, very clear.

tip 5: shave à deux

they were now in the shower waste. You are wet, heated, and Horny, and they can concentrate hardly on what you had planned – just your girlfriend shaven. I recommend to you in this particular case, however, is not the way nor to each other rumzuscharben. Finally, a shaver is not a toy. Unless, you have taken my advice but the Old lady’s shaver, in which a single blade can from here to the Wuppertal-Nord riding. Be careful, they look to the woman during his time in the eye and ask: “Is that all right?”

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At best, you shave at the beginning of the mound of Venus, as well as the visible surroundings. Shaving the labia is tricky and should, therefore, be by invitation only.

tip 6: Afterparty

Special Gels and creams that should, of course, contain no alcohol, help after shaving, to relax irritated skin and to maintain. Taboo: aftershave and a tight pair of Boxer Briefs. Now air first, on the matter.

you Should be the two of you can cuddle, of course, also naked to the bed and finish what you started in the bath or shower. Feels baby smooth skin much better. (Also read: Sex in the shower: Our expert shares her best 6 tips)

by the Way: you after the intimate shave, that you are like me a razor burn candidate, with the help of jojoba oil and baby powder. The Rest of you need to sit this one out. And then? Are you looking for a good Waxing Studio.

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