once again, a fierce forest fire on the loose in California.

This time in Santa Barbara, where the flames with lightning speed moving toward heavily populated areas. Something that has been the city’s leadership to evacuate many homes.

Authorities in Santa Barbara estimates that more than 16 square kilometers have already been engulfed by the fire.

And in recognition of the fact that the fire department in the city can not cope with the task alone, has been summoned outside help, writes CNN.

so far exactly zero percent of the fire under control, says.

the Fire started on Monday evening local time a few miles northwest of the california city, Nakitbahis and it has received favourable conditions of the wind.

At the moment is the all-consuming flames on the way toward the inhabited area, and the fire threatens both public buildings, million homes and country houses.

this is Why more home in particularly the northern Santa Barbara have been evacuated.

In total, the lives of approximately 90,000 people in the city – in addition to the many people who live in the suburbs.

On Twitter writes one of the local people in the vicinity of highway 154 must stay away.

“I came just in time safely over, and my eyes still can not understand what is happening,” writes the user Cat on Twitter has shared a video from the main road.

the Fire has yet not spread to any homes, but several are without power.