ended A night fishing trip on the Hackensee in wooden churches in a large-scale operation. A fisherman had tangled in his fishing line and could not break free.

On the Hackensee in Holzkirchen it came on Friday to his boat accident . Two fishing your boat capsized . One of the two got entangled in his fishing line and couldn’t break free.

wooden churches – The was again lightly, but he could also end in tragedy: late On Friday evening, at around 22.30, and it is Hackensee to wooden churches-HART penning a boat accident . As the police reported, were two wooden Kirchner (21 and 39 years of age) with your rowing boat on the Hackensee to fish in the night. When hooked to the fishing line and the Angler tried this again, to detach, capsized , suddenly, the boat and the two wood kirchnern.

boat accident on Hackensee: fisherman tangled in fishing line and anchor

This tangled the Older of the two in the water with the fishing line and the anchors of the boat so unhappy that he could not free himself.

great for use on Hackensee: use of forces must anglers save

the 21-Year-old had his companion not to save, so that he finally, the emergency alarm had to. It is a followed large-scale operation : 25 forces of the water monitors and the DLRG (Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft e. V.), and 20 forces of the voluntary fire brigade hard penning including police and the ambulance crew rushed the two to help.

boat accident on Hackensee: large contingent of rescuers Angler

The rescue operation was a success, according to police. The 39-Year-old suffered minor injuries in the Form of abrasions and mild hypothermia.

a great deal of luck had also been a driver at full speed on the Airport road in the East in Markt Schwaben suddenly black before eyes become.

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