FC Nordsjælland scored three beautiful boxes, when the club Friday night beat Randers FC 3-0 in the 3F League.

There was never any doubt who was in charge of the cool novemberaften in Farum. FCN-the players were strong with the ball, and the guests seemed to be without great ambitions for their games.

The sure-fire 3-0 win means that FCN crawls up on the same number of points as Randers, and because nordsjællænderne won with just three boxes, their goal difference is one stick better than kronjydernes.

Why crawl FCN over Randers in the table and is now in sixth place, before the rest of the 17. round run Sunday and Monday.

Guests from Randers came with a very clear tactic was to stand far back, let FCN be the ball and even play on the counterattacks and post to the high striker Emil Riis.

It did not kronjyderne many chances. FC Nordsjælland got the other hand, some good opportunities before the break.

Mikkel Damsgaard sent after eight minutes of a totally free chance on the underside of the crossbar after a flat ilbet speech from Ibrahim Sadiq, and Mikkel Rygaard forced the Randers-keeper Patrik Carlgren out in the full length of the minute after.

Then there was the game 31 minutes, headede Damsgaard a completely free chance right on Carlgren, and after 37 minutes kicked Sadiq past the goal after good FCN-combinations in Randers-the field.

Kampbilledet continued after the break. Randers searched Emil Riis at the high post without getting something out of it, and Mikkel Damsgaard came to FCN-chances.

After 53 minutes knocked Damsgaard ball on Patrik Carlgren, who had to give a ripost, however, not led to anything.

Four minutes later, it was finally a hole in the abscess. FCN’s Mikkel Rygaard struck a ball into the box, where Mohammed Kudus neat took it down to his venstreben and plaffede it over in the opposite side of the goal – Carlgren was as petrified.

Randers did no my to change the tactic. FCN continued to have the ball, and after 64 minutes got Mikkel Damsgaard plenty of time and space on the edge of the field and turned the leather into the corner for 2-0.

the Fight was finally closed after 71 minutes, when FCN drive games with the randrusianerne in the right.

Mads Døhr Thychosen was sent deep, and laid the ball in front of goal, which just substituted the Isaac Atanga on the edge of offside came running and poked it in the box to the final score at 3-0.


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