Prime minister can look forward to to strengthen his party’s position in the british parliament, according to the big measurement.

Prime minister Boris Johnson’s conservative party stands to win the 359 seats in the elections to the british parliament the 12. december.

It shows a comprehensive measurement from the institute YouGov, according to news agency Reuters.

Thus stands the conservatives a large majority in parliament, which consists of 650 seats.

the Measurement is very good news for Boris Johnson, which stands to get an additional 42 seats in the parliament.

in comparison, the Labour prepare to be marginalized in the coming elections.

Thus is the opposition to 211 seats. By-election in 2017 was the party 262 seats in the parliament.

YouGovs measurement is based on the so-called MRP model.

It can make predictions about the election results with much greater precision than the general polls, which are often based on about 1000 responses.

MRP-the measurement consists of responses from tens of thousands of potential voters.

the Responses are in Winxbet conjunction with the demographics, the data on constituencies, and other statistics for on the way to reach a qualified bid for an election result.

the Model turned out to be very accurate by-election in 2017, when the then prime minister Theresa May suffered a major defeat.

The british electoral system makes it in general difficult to predict the outcome of parliamentary elections based solely on opinion polls.

The conservatives have long had a lead of several percentage points, down to Labour in all the preliminary measurements before the election.

According to YouGov the conservatives lose the majority in the parliament, if the edge comes under seven percentage points.

the Electoral system is screwed so that an overall majority at the national level does not necessarily provide a majority in parliament.

Boris Johnson is hoping for a clear victory in the elections held on 12. december, which could pave the way for quick approval of the agreement he has concluded with the EU leaders on the conditions of Britain’s exit from the union.

Since he took over the premierministerposten and a minority government in July, he has tried unsuccessfully to get voted its agreement through the parliament.

on Sunday, he promised the british that he would present his brexit-agreement to the parliament before the christmas day, if his party retains power after the elections.