Martin Fink, Jr., has new plans for the future of the distillery in Argelsried. Instead of the brewery market building.

Argelsried – it Is, after Martin Fink, Jr., the former distillery in the Gilchinger the District of Argelsried, most recently a brewery, under the Motto “From farm to fork,” a market building. “Unfortunately, has stopped the brewery from economic reasons. But since I have the idea of an optimal use of the historic building for years in my head, I stay still on this,“ says Fink.

Generally it is needed a long preparation and a good selection of comrade-in-arms, explains Fink. “The projects have to fit to us and our philosophy.” So far, a coffee roaster, a driving school and a cooking school were interested, according to Fink, Catering for a rental.

Concrete negotiations with Bio-bakery

Specifically, but will only do that with a Bio-bakery including pastry negotiated. “Here it comes, but only to the production of Goods for Commerce.” A sale is not provided.

Fink request for notice is treated today, Monday, in the Gilchinger building Committee. It also deals with a conversion of the building complex, as well as various renovations. Fink wants to have clarified in advance the extent to which the construction of the ground floor rooms of one floor of 140 square meters of cultivation for a cold store as well as warehouse authorisation are capable of.

According to Gilchinger Department may ultimately vote in favour of the Landratsamt Starnberg, Germany, in the framework of a prioritization of the notice. The beginning of the public meeting in the town hall is at 18.