in the Midst of the baccalaureate exams, a Corona case provides at the Graf-Rasso-Gymnasium for excitement: A teacher tested positive for Covid-19.

in the Midst of the pandemic, values of graduation due to the already difficult tests of a Corona case at the Graf-Rasso-Gymnasium (GRG) for excitement: A spokeswoman for the district office Fürstenfeldbruck announced on late Sunday afternoon (24. May) with a teacher of the GRG to be Covid-19 tested. This message, have received the circle of authority of a health authority – the teacher is not Fürstenfeldbruck lives in the district.

Fürstenfeldbruck – The man had Wednesday at (20. May) in the GRG supervision at the baccalaureate in the subject English . He is now in quarantine.

in the Midst of Abi tests: Corona-the case in high school in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck

Six pupils have been identified as contact persons, however, they are only contact persons of the category 2. They had so much distance to the teacher, the language with them.

Corona at the Graf-Rasso-Gymnasium in FFB: Six students are contact persons

The parents of all of the Q12-the students have now been informed. On Monday (25. May) to inform school Director, Doris Hübler more. You said Sunday you had, if you could call in this Situation so, good luck:

The Infected it is good, colleagues were not affected, in addition, the teachers had only been in contact with six students.

Corona in FFB: Abi checks are run more

The tests could continue to run, even for the six students that will be separated for security reasons from other students.

Corona in Fürstenfeldbruck

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