party singer-Mallorca-Star Mickie Krause has for the forced closure of Local on-the-ball man there is no understanding. “I don’t think that it was overall, not so bad as it was portrayed,” said Krause (“Ten naked hairdressers”) on Thursday to FOCUS Online. “Certainly, around 100 people celebrated, some people perhaps have exaggerated a little and the safety distance is not adhered to.” Of a “party excess” could not be his view, but the speech. “Party excesses do not take place here at the moment at all,” he stated with conviction.

Krause in care of catering on the ball man,

“When it comes to behavior Local failure, shall not suffer any other Local including. I think a fine would have been enough“ said Krause, the citizen way Michael angel.

He considered the closure of the “beer” and “ham street” for “completely covered”. Thus, the restaurateurs and employees will be deprived of his livelihood. “That annoys me. Since it’s not really about me.“ He did not join in the affected Local. “It is to the interests of the people who work there – waiters, clerks, cleaning ladies, chefs, of course, the owner of the restaurants. And it also goes to the people who want to vacation here, and maybe drink a beer.“

Mickie Krause also criticized the formulation of “anti-social tourists,”

Also, the wording “anti-social tourists” who did not want to have according to the Balearic Minister for Tourism Iago Negueruela, Mallorca, criticized Krause as “completely inappropriate”. “I see no anti-social tourists walking around. Clearly, there are always people who do not have time under control. But the condemned as antisocial to me, nor to other people.“

the Problem of alcohol is, of course, he admitted. But this could “happen to the North sea, in Düsseldorf in the old town or in Stuttgart in the inner city”.

Mallorca previously had used in the fight against Corona and parties of tourists without a protective mask and safety distance and Local in the Party centres in the resort island forced closed. the

would The infamous “beer” and “ham road” from now on, and for the time being, for two months made. The mile of Sin infamous Punta Ballena in the British stronghold of Magaluf to the West of Palma, was affected by the forced closures, said the regional government on Wednesday.

topic:Lockdown on the ball man: the German host of the “German corner” raises serious allegations

party singer Krause – until the end of October no performances

the Germans and the British had taken care of on the weekend for “Chaos”, the island newspaper “Última Hora” had a headline. Drunk men and women without the mouth-nose masks were celebrated, among other things, in the dense crowd, and not to the Corona-rules held.

Mickie Krause has decided, in his own words, until the end of October no performances accept. “I have resigned myself internally so that I will not work this year. And if we are very lucky, we can maybe starting in April or may for the mood.“ Since he had had for 22 years in show business and well-gehaushaltet, he would not have to Worry. “But it’s the people that have no coal.” Mickie Krause occurs as the ball man-a Star is normally 500 metres from ham street in the “mega Park”. This remains due to the restrictions imposed by the Corona-pandemic until the end of the year closed.

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