He says “you”, you say “you”, but the chemistry between Frank Elstner and his Talk-host Charlotte Roche. If the new at Netflix launched Show “bets, that’s it ..?” redeems the promise of the intimate Conversation, then, in consequence of the dispute as a “wetlands”-author. In the encounter with the old masters, there seemed to be no taboos. Disordered family relationships, dysfunctional professional relationships, sexual Assault, Addiction, and depression … conversation provides the Vita of the former VIVA presenter and best-selling author enough. It’s amazing what all fits in 45 minutes of broadcast time.

2013 /Andreas Rentz Teleschau

The most serious chunks of “Wetten, dass ..went?”-Inventors who want to round out with the Netflix-talk format his career in front of the camera, and Charlotte Roche at the beginning – and thus the spectators, as it were, under the skin. It took me years to process the death of their brothers, said Roche, the accident tragedy from the year 2001. The brothers died on a Belgian motorway in a pileup on the way to Roches wedding to England, the mother was seriously injured but survived. “I hope that was for all of us, the worst in life already and that you don’t need to experience something similar again,” said Roche, which visibly affected by it.

At the beginning, as you reported, have you been to little to your own pain, you have seen only the suffering of the mother, who had lost their children. “To kill the pain. For me it was alcohol, I was depressed, buy addictive, all sorts of distractions. As for the valves, the unprocessed sadness are looking. The resolves itself only after years, if you are working the whole time on it.” Now you know what a Trauma it is know, and thanks to successful therapy, you know that you could say nothing wrong, if the other in the private environment, something so terrible plans. “The worst thing is to say nothing. You just have to be there and say: I feel your pain.” After such an event, you see, “who wants to stays in, and so an ordeal to go”.

Thomas salary/ tele show Charlotte Roche reveals the reasons for her in “3nach9”

of Course, the language also came to Roches bestselling novel “wetlands”, according to Elstner, “one of the most unusual books about Sexualtiät, there is.” The host revealed bluntly in the place to have the work long ignored. He bought a copy at the Cologne airport and then the plane to Berlin to page 80 to read. At the destination he had had enough. “I came in a paper basket over and I kicked it in”. Humorous horror at his guest. Elstner: “If I’m honest, I could start anything.” It was not until many years later, him, the late literary critic Hellmuth Karasek’ve disabused. The have him reprimanded for throwing away and ruled: “Because you made a mistake, this is a good book.”

Where was the issue of culture, not of division, Elstner, Charlotte Roches two short-term Engagements as a Talk host. In 2009, the then fresh-baked best-selling author for just four months as Co-presenter of Giovanni di Lorenzo in “3nach9” was. In 2013, the ZDFkultur-Show “Roche & böhmermann” ended after 16 episodes. After all, the reasons of your farewell of “3nach9” gave Roche willingly: “I was considered the crazy loud Sex-aunt’s and should’s to the side of Giovanni di Lorenzo this talk show up.” After the first Show, however, that there had been viewer complaints about the sound of their supposedly “unbearable” voice. Roche: “Rather than hold together, have told the makers of: You need to see a vocal training. Since it was all over.”

Why is the common Talk with Jan böhmermann, was so short-lived, not told you. “Jan and I have an agreement that we don’t want to talk about why we broke up.” Frank Elstner would like to figure it out yet, in a Six-issues-a conversation in the Restaurant he both invite. Charlotte Roche is gratefully accepted. “But you have to pay.”

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The audience was wonderful, and sad as the final chord sounds in a minor key. We say thank you and goodbye, see how to time, because something Look must be and the stage is free, because you are part of it, the Show must go on, goodbye… @spotify #couple diologie #folge45

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