In the case of a serious accident on the lausitzring near Alex Zanardi in 2001, nearly to the death over. Now, the formula 1 Star is fighting back for his life. The Pope will pray for him.

The well-known professional athletes, Alex Zanardi is struggling after a severe traffic accident with his life. With its hand bike, , the Italians collided in Tuscany with a Truck. Already 2001 scraping of the leg amputees, former formula-1 Pilot near-death.

Update from the 29. June: in The event of a serious bike accident accident, former formula-1 Pilot Alessandro Zanardi was operated on Monday for the second Time within ten days on the brain.

The surgery in the hospital of Siena lasted two and a half hours, informed the Doctors. Then Zanardi was transferred again to the intensive care unit.

His condition remained critical, said the hospital’s Director, Roberto Gusunu.

four-time Paralympics champion, had lost in 2001 in a tragic IndyCar accident at the lausitzring in both legs, lost on 19. June in Tuscany, the control of his bike and collided with a truck. He sustained severe head and facial injuries.

Ex-formula 1 Star still in a coma – Pope Francis prays for Zanardi

Update from the 24. June, 16: 47 PM : The terrible fate of Alessandro Zanardi touches not only the entire sports world, the former formula 1 driver and four-time Paralympics champion now also receives divine assistance.

“the story of your life is an example of how you can start to a sudden stop again,” wrote Pope Francis in a personal letter to the case of a hand-bike race heavy casualties Italians: “Through Sport you have been taught to cope with life as a Protagonist, and have made of a disability, a doctrine of humanity.” The Gazzetta dello Sport published the hand-written letter on Wednesday – five days after the serious accident in Tuscany.

Zanardi had lost on Friday at high speed, the control of his hand bike, he rolled twice and collided with a truck. The 53-Year-old was flown to a hospital and about three hours of surgery – he still is in an artificial coma. All of the bones in his face are broken.

His son Niccolo to Instagram with a touching Post published: “I will not leave this Hand. Come on dad, even today, a small step forward.“

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram to

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Ex-F1 driver Zanardi fights against death: “Again, in a dark nightmare”

News from the 21. June, 21.01 PM: The state of Alessandro Zanardi according to the severe accident on Friday Doctors at the hospital in Siena is carefully optimistic: “The situation has stabilized after the Operation, which gives rise to slight optimism,” said Sabino Scolletta, the head of the ICU, in front of the TV-channel RAI.

The trucks , with the Zanardi was hit, it was seized . The driver there was in the case of Tests for alcohol or drugs, no abnormalities. The police also checks whether it has may be given to defects in the safety precautions at the track. The managers were interviewed, as SID describes.

The Gazettes in Italy, reacted in dismay to the accident, one of the idols of the country : “The man of miracles is once again plunged into a dark nightmare. Zanardi has become in recent years an icon and Emblem of a man who knows no boundaries,” wrote the Gazzetta dello Sport. “Zanardi’s power, his self-irony and his human depth are the features that have made an athlete to an icon,” commented the Corriere dello Sport.

Alex Zanardi: Ex-formula-1-Pilot after a serious accident in the Siena emergency surgery

source article: Siena – One of the bravest personalities of professional sports is fighting for the second Time in his life against death. the Alex Zanardi was heavy in his native Italy, a traffic accident , and with life-threatening injuries in a hospital in Siena.

the misfortune of The leg amputee racer took place in Tuscany, close to the 54.000 inhabitants of the city in the context of a relay race, with the hand bike. Already in 2001, survived the former formula-1-Pilot* a serious accident, such as by a miracle, when he was in a race in the Champ Car series at the lausitzring in Eastern Germany, with another – about 300 km/h fast vehicle collided and then seven times (!) was resurrected.

+ The fate of added Ex-formula 1 driver Zanardi again: The Italians floats after a traffic accident in danger of their lives.©Reuters / Mark J. Terrill

Almost 19 years later, the life of the Bologna-born 53 hangs-Year-old Once again hanging by a thread: according to Reports, Zanardi was brought in after the tragic accident in the polyclinic Santa Maria alle Scotte and there on Friday night-just three hours of emergency surgery . The multiple Paralympics winner had suffered injuries to the head, including a head trauma and a serious neurological image on.

Former formula 1-Pilot: state of Alex Zanardi critical

Currently, Alex Zanardi’s fighting on the intensive care death, and is ventilated in a coma lying artificial. The state was also the day after, very seriously , as the hospital announced. As a reaction to the tragic news, many celebrities from the sports and off have published expressions of Compassion. Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte wrote on Twitter: “Come on, Alex, give it up, the whole of Italy fights with You.”

according to media reports, Zanardi, who was beiWilliams in the F1* team-mate Ralf Schumacher wanted to rise again soon to Cockpit of a racing car : Starting in November, he planned with a BMW M6, the Start of the Italian GT championship .

Michael Schumacher’s health condition is so far a closely guarded secret, Ex-colleague Felipe Massa “know about him”. Ferrari recalls an emotional Moment.

TV-pop: formula 1 future no longer on RTL: “If competitors are in the game …”

Update 21. June 2020: the RTL and the formula 1 from next season our separate ways. The TV channel informed. Seemingly the tough competition in Poker, the transfer of rights was one of the reasons for the exit.


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