Who is in our Region, neither Bayern Fan, still lion trailer, has a tough job. The Dieter Priglmeir told in his sports whispers to the weekend. A story with a happy ending.

It took no two minutes, as Philip köster had answered our question already. The editor-in-chief of the football magazine 11 Freunde is a Fan of Arminia Bielefeld, Juso-chief Kevin Kühnert as well. Both of them are deeply impressed by Andreas Voglsammers qualities that a striker with the “bulls eye of a Scottish highland warrior” (Köster), and the “extremely high-fitting pants” (Kühnert). The Dorfener – because we are sure – will now ignite in the district more enthusiasm for the East-Westphalia. This is also necessary, because the fan club is the density here is about as high as the point of yield of Türkgücü Erding.

we Come to the other Fan-the exotic, for the weekend to the sausage.Daniel Werner from the TSV Wartenberg lives since the age of eight in Bavaria. “Due to my Nordic descent, I carry since my Childhood, the diamond in the heart,” says the native of Schleswig-Holstein. He thinks back to the moments, “as the HSV was still represented in Europe, and players such as Daniel van Buyten, Ze Roberto and Vincent Kompany wore the Jersey”. As in the Relegation play-off against Karlsruhe, the legendary free-kick Díaz fell, “was I followed exactly the line of duty in Saudi Arabia and got the game in a sports bar. After the final whistle, I was a complete stranger, in the poor,“ he recalls. For Sunday, Werner schwarz, looks. “Despite the strong quality there is a lack of team mentality. The game we will win, but in Heidenheim, you can take no more,“ says Werner, who is only referred to rarely of his teammates on his Club. “It is only an issue if the HSV is of no value again until all the bones,” then he adds: “What happens lately very often.”

Werner Gran things, the players from the wait Berger Golden Generation of the 1990s, can be considered followers of VfB Stuttgart, Sunday a little more relaxed. The Swabians have three points and eleven goals ahead by three. “The more you screw up, yeah, hopefully,” says Gran things. Or is it? Also, he has experienced with his club a lot.

Funny: VfB-Fan Gran things since the penultimate climb. This, however, was 1976/77, when the beautiful Hansi Müller and the old Hermann shot Ohlicher the gates scho. The Icelander Asgeir Sigurvinsson, Gran-dingers “favorite players”, led the VfB in 1984 for the Championships. In 1992, the Berger with shaking, as the season finale in Leverkusen, Matthias Sammer from the place it flew, marriage, Guido Buchwald brought the VfB with his 2:1 in the shell.

Such times there were also times when 1. FC Kaiserslautern, heart Association of the Wartenberger youth leader Jens Baumbach. “I grew up in Erfurt. A year after opening in the wall of the club was to play a friendly game against Red-and-White here. Since I’m a Fan.“ Whether he was aware of back then, that he has solved a Ticket for a 30-year-old roller coaster? Championships, Descents, Ascents, 3. League, the threat of insolvency. The tree Bach is for the time being, last visit on the highest football mountain in Germany during the Cup match against Fortuna Düsseldorf, not so long. Proverbs in light of the downturn, he rarely gets. “Since the FCK is still a great brand with a long tradition in German football, it is rather pity.”

Similar currently gets Patrick Tischer to feel,football boss in Red-and-White Klettham and Werder-Fan since 1986. The former Bayern Fan saw an Interview with Uli Hoeness. “He wasn’t so likeable,” says Tischer. He swore allegiance to the FCB and asked his grandpa for advice. “Who said that Werder was personable and also a good team. I went into the nursery, withdrew the Bavaria-bed and was now Werder-Fan.“ Since then, he gets the sayings about smelly, green fish, “and my colleague on the Board, Tom Greckl played at the MA Gold Cup extra with Werder to win from time to time and I have reason to be happy”.

A possible descent to Tischer, the whole of football analyst, would be well deserved,but for the Bundesliga, “a bitter loss, because the atmosphere in and around the Weser stadium is something very special. I’ve taken some climbing Hamer as the Hilmer-Brothers, Tom Greckl, Oli Kurowski or matzo Gerigk to Bremen – and all were totally impressed“. And with David Stotz, he had even a second Werder comrades-in-arms. And what’s gonna happen now? “I think that Werder against Köln will win. I have, however, seen in Düsseldorf, the last games really in good shape, and I can’t imagine that you can pack the against Union.“

The skepticism is not appropriate, because we have a professional on Hand that is for sure: Union Berlin defeated the Düsseldorfer Fortuna 2:0 “because we want to finish the season with a victory.” The Dennis Victor, the players of the SpVgg Altenerding promises, at least. “I’m a Unioner because I grew up in Berlin, and because this Association is simply huge family. Since everyone knows each other, and the atmosphere is amazing.“

Three things he’ll never forget:the 8:0 victory against the rivals BFC Dynamo; the winning city championship against Hertha and the ascent into the 2. League, “because the Union of Germany, the first to third division-Champions”. Most of the SpVgg with a fever, even with him – “besides, it goes against the Bayern”, tells Viktor and reveals: “I was able to make with our supervisor, Frank Aldinger to the secret Union Fan.”

Nice story, but we still have a better happy ending – a masterpiece, so to speak: Lorenz Becker supported the Liverpool FC. “And I’m only the second biggest Fan in the family,” says the Wörther footballer. “My brother Korbi is even a member of the Association.” The whole family love the English football, “with the brilliant vertical game”. The football is lived on the island quite different. “When the Reds play, is extinct in the whole city,” says Lorenz Becker, who has been several times the “You never walk alone” in the stadium at Anfield Road, singing along (“goosebumps”), and his Team also fires in Birmingham against Aston Villa attached.

On Thursday evening, he was sitting with his brother in front of the TV and was “for the first Time, a Supporter of Chelsea”, the finally defeated Liverpool rival Manchester City. So Liverpool was the first championship after 30 years. This had to be celebrated. That you have woken up your parents – you never party, and shaking alone, as we say in Bavaria.


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