The G. W. Exotic Animal Memorial Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma was up to the appearance of the Netflix docu-series “big cats and their predators” in the English Original “Tiger King” – only to insiders. The number of Streaming users to connect to the Park now with tigers, lions and other wild cats, as well as with the former owner, Joseph Maldonado, Passage, better known under the name Joe Exotic. The eccentric animal Park owner was found guilty, to have a hit man $ 3,000 to murder the self-proclaimed animal rights activist Carole Baskin paid. The escalating dispute and a depth of hatred between Joe Exotic and Carole Basket is the basis of the successful Netflix series and now gets a new twist. Because Exotics former Zoo after information of the “FOX 25” soon in the possession of his Nemesis.

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In recent years, the Zoo in the control of Jeff Lowe known subject, also from the series. However, the possession was granted by a judge Baskins “Big Cat Rescue”society (bcrs). The reason for this is that the has been determined to override the zoo, Joe Exotic to his mother as fraudulent. According to the “People Magazine” was the mother under oath, that the site was transferred to you, in order to prevent a Transfer to creditors, including Baskins BCR.

Now Jeff Lowe stay 120 days to leave the premises and his possession. This property also includes all the animals that are currently living in the Park. Last March, commented, “Tiger King”directed by Eric Goode, in front of “Entertainment Weekly” to the animal Park. “Nobody is going out of date and there is no source of income. This has been going on for a long time,” says Goode. Like Joe Exotic experienced the theatre well? Finally, his former Zoo, and the Pride is soon in the hands of his Nemesis. Of to 22 years in prison sentenced the eccentric is located, according to information of the “FOX 25” is currently in a medical centre after he was exposed to the novel Coronavirus.

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