Rural life, cattle thieves, friendship and Rodeo: the movie “Querência” of he has Marins Jr told.

For Branco (the Rodeo training) are the politicians, “the dawns up there”, people from the city photo: Arsenal Institute

As the dawn and the sun appears for a brief Moment, the sky once again spectacular in color, the silhouettes of the farm workers in front of the colorful Background, such as in a scissors film editing. Soon it will be pitch dark in the remote area of Unaí. In this livestock dominated Region of Minas Gerais, in the interior of Brazil, the film-maker he has Marins Jr. with locals lay his game film actors realized.

With the restrained observation of a documentary, the camera accompanies in “Querência – with the return of” the everyday life of the thirty year old Marcelo, who works as a Cowboy, usually on horseback for a Farmer. Individual close-UPS lead the eye to the vapor body of the hunchback Nelore approaches-cattle or skilful handles of the cattle track shepherd’s.

thousands of kilometers from the noise of Mega-metropolises of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, end, life, Marcelo, his colleagues and friends in the interior, in close connection with the animals and the landscape of a life without Wi-Fi and poor cell phone reception.

your cows, you give names: cookie, Lantern, Purple, or Japan. However, the rural Idyll is not a Paradise. Marcelo’s life is in upheaval, after he became the victim of a brutal Robbery. Organized cattle thieves had forced the Cowboy with the force of arms, to load the entrusted to him / her herd of Cattle into the Trucks.

“Querência/return Home”. Director: He Has Marins Jr. Brazil/Germany In 2019, And 90 Min.

Then wants Marcelo to sell the chickens, and his own cows to auction. The Job at the cattle farm, he quit, and he moves out of the house, where the incident occurred. In this crisis of his life his enthusiasm for the Rodeo saves him. Under its Motto of “Treme terra” (“earth will quake”) organize Marcelo and his friends in the audience as the popular competition. The gate opens, the rider to run for seconds at the wild Taraftarium bull in the Arena.

kitted out with a new hat and the plaid shirt, heats up the otherwise introverted young man the mood of the spectators: “I’m a Cowboy and Rodeo announcer. I’m smart as a Fox, strong as a horse. For those who don’t know me: I’m Marcelo de Sousa!“ Together with his buddy KAIC withstand he raps about their origin, life in the country and the policy.

It is 2016, the year of the controversial impeachment of the Brazilian President of the workers party, Dilma rousseff. The bitterness in view of the political Situation in the country is palpable. Nevertheless, the dramatic power showed that the exchange, as Brazil had to experience with the election of the extreme right-wing Jair Bolsonaro 2018, yet.

“they think we are stupid.” Politicians that are for Marcelo Branco, and KAIC withstand “the up there” – people from the city who do not know the life in the province and do not understand. In the evening in the round, you make jokes about the “Happy Hour” of the “Yuppies” in the city. Your reality here on the Rio Urucuia is another. On the Radio, a guitar song by Tavinho Moura – no Samba, no Bossa Nova, runs.

In the Forum of the film festival in Berlin Querência “celebrated” in February of 2019 its Premiere. In the convincing out of the Festival he has Marins Jr steers. maximum currently, the attention on a politically-neglected, remote Region of Brazil, whose people are in humble circumstances of daily work steadfastly on the Land and with the cattle follow.

A special dramaturgical thickness proves “Querência” in his narrative openness. By observing the vaguely formulated relations of the protagonists open up to the audience to each other. Also, the correlations of Marcelo’s Actions and the chronology of the Robbery will only gradually clear. Full of tension, scarce hints, and discussions among friends to be supplemented, finally, at the end by a surprising message on the evening news.

Together with the cinematographer Arauco Hernández Holz and in the Interaction with the local performers to succeed in the 1973, in Belo Horizonte-born film-maker, with strong images and saving dialogs seeds is a complex and multi-faceted to tell a story about a false company in a landscape full of brittle beauty. In the center of Marcelo de Sousa, his sincerity, his passion and friendship are.