Nicklas Bendtner is a finished man in FC Copenhagen after a stay, which never reached the same heights as the attention.

“It ends up being a little unsuccessful bet for FCK. There is almost hypen, from when he was presented, to look back on,” says Søren Hanghøj in this week’s Football FM, B. T. s weekly fodbolddebat podcast.

Karly There’s removal of FCK comes as no surprise to the panel, which in addition to the B. T. s team he will play consists of former Brøndby-profile Ole Bjur and editor-in-chief at the Anders Borup.

“I’m not surprised. He has not shown that he can really make a difference. And he is not at all managed with the things you had hoped for. Spillemæssigt he was a distance from where he once was. Physically he was never up and look like a world-class superligaspiller,” says Ole Bjur.

With today’s announcement it is four months Since hysteria in and around the Park by blade out, after Stale Solbakken threw Bendtner-the bomb in the dying minutes of the summer transfervindue.

the Status of the Danish landsholdsangriber in the premier League is 215 minutes of playing time spread over 6 matches and zero goals. A single time came, he failed, however, on the board in the FCK-jersey in the cup against FC Nordsjælland.

The numbers of the trays Anders Borup, which, however, point to a single positive thing from There time in FCK.

“It is a little annoying. It ended before it really got started. I had thought and hoped and expected that one would see more from Bendtner in the FCK. The fes out a little. Hypen was fat, but I’m a little disappointed. The only thing you as a FCK’is would be able to rejoice over, is that it has been the four most quiet months in There lives,” says Anders Borup.

After parting with the FCK is Karly There fodboldfremtid uncertain. At the age of 31 years considering the former landsholdsangriber to stop his career, he has announced.

“It is super unresolved. We media has helped to build it up to something big. I had also hoped it would be. For it was gigantic, when the news came out. He is a big name. Now they are four months gone, and what must he now?” asks Søren Hanghøj.

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this week is the themes, in addition to Nicklas Bendtner, who disappointed and who impressed in the premier League in the fall, and the team that looks the strongest out of the Champions League.