It is the top towards the top at the Brøndby Stadion on Sunday evening.

Brøndby have struggled up in the table after a series of fine performances and dreary with on the bronze, and the blågule takes for the first time this season against guldbejlerne from FC Midtjylland, who seems unstoppable, with seven wins in a row.

In the post called topopgøret number one against number four, but on paper there is a much greater difference between the two clubs at the moment.

16 points difference says one thing, and then there is the economy, which also sticks in two completely different directions.

For almost three weeks gave Brøndby a new accounts over the first nine months of the year with a resounding deficit of 60,2 million dollars, and in addition informed the club that expects further losses for 2019, so this year’s accounts will land on a minus 75 – 79 million before tax.

FC Midtjyllands accounts however shows the exact opposite with many millions of dollars in profits, even though the Wolves are beginning to spend much more money on the procurement of players and in the summer, among other things downloaded Sory Kaba for a record breaking 25 million.

While FC Midtjylland over the past few years has been self-propelled and no longer have a need for economic stimulus, is the story a completely different in Brøndby, where the major shareholder and chairman Jan Bech Andersen several times in recent years, has shown its benevolence and big commitment with big milliontilføjelser.

“Right now, when I look at the FC Midtjyllands ballast, both economic and sporting reasons, we have moved up another place. And I am proud that we have got to grips with the economic crisis, we struggled with some years ago, with well over 100 million dollars in the last two years. (56 million in the last season and 67 million in the previous season, ed.). And there you can see that Brøndby are struggling a little more and suffer a little more and need their owner to fend for themselves. So just pt. we are financially in a better place,” said FCM director Claus Steinlein, which a few years ago stood in something near the same economic situation, as Brøndby are in now, and had need of the main shareholder Matthew Benhams help.

Then, four years ago, FC Midtjylland see Jan Bech Andersen speak thus, on the economic difference between his own club and FC Midtjylland and FC Copenhagen.

“We’re up against two clubs FCK and FCM, ed.), where debt apparently does not mean the world, and that we must be a little more pragmatic. The easiest would be if I just wrote a new check each month, but it is not it, we have gone to elections,” said Jan Bech Andersen in an interview with B. T. on FC Midtjylland and the rivals from the capital.

today is FC Midtjyllands debt to benham on been settled, while Brøndby again and again can praise themselves happy, to Jan Bech Andersen’s heart undaunted on with the blue and yellow strokes.

Brøndby has stated that it owes to the president 52 million dollars in loan exclusive of interest.

“I actually got a text the other day from a buddy who reminded me of the interview. I smiled a little at it, for it is of course thought-provoking. Brøndby had some clear ambitions in both economic and sporting level, and especially on the economic part is it is surely fair to say that it’s not quite gone according to plan.”

What are you thinking?

“You have to at least fit in with the kind of announcements, if you do not even deliver up to the standards you set for others. Football is an extremely changeable and højrisikabel industry, and things can quickly go differently than you expect. We are not back to make an offensive move once in a while in the FCM, and then you have to just be ready to take tæskene, if it did not, as we hoped for.”

In the meet with them Sunday at Brøndby Stadium. How big a direct competitor is Mcdonalds really to you?

“Brøndby has the potential to become a flagship in Danish football, if they get a grip on the economy. You have to have success in football, one must be very risk. It has Matthew benham on been in FC Midtjylland, and it has rewarded itself. But I can well imagine that there is a limit to the risk you want to be, if you have burned your fingers economical, as Brøndby has done the last few years. You must take my hat off to the commitment, as of Jan Bech has shown the club, and as we saw a few seasons ago, can Brondby quickly become a serious threat to us and FCK again.”

When can I go to zero without having to be dependent on player sales?

“I understand very well what you mean with your question, but why does it have to be an ambition to go to zero before the player sales? You ask not a butcher, when he intended to go to zero before the sale of the meat. Football transfers are a vital part of a fodboldforretningen in the day, and in FC Midtjylland we invest so heavily in the academy and in the transfer market, that it is not realistic right now to go to zero before the transfers.”

then, does it Mean also that In the will to sell players from your the top team here in the winter?

“When we closed the transfer window in the summer, it was with a view that there should not be any out, and so there will always be a club that can come up with something extraordinary. But as a starting point we hold onto the squad we have, and perhaps reinforces the we us. We started with Lasse Vibe. And so, it has surprised us positively, that the young players we have put on the team, has brought us so many points. I had not expected.”

Is there anyone from Brøndbys team, which could go into and enhance you?

“They have good players, and we could take a few of them, it would not be bad. Unique in scandinavia because the top scorer (Kamil Wilczek, eds.) would suit most teams, although that might not be so much sales potential in him (Wilczek is 31 years old, red).”

Jan Bech Andersen has not wanted to comment on this interview with Claus Steinlein.