How to wear a respiratory protection mask, right? Undoubtedly, over the mouth and nose. The game for Bayern against Frankfurt attentive viewers caught the two Bayern bosses at the “wrong wear”.

The FC Bayern Munich received Eintracht Frankfurt for the first ghosts home game after the Corona-crisis. In the stands of the Allianz Arena in the Bayern bosses under strict scrutiny. the Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Oliver Kahn covered with their masks, not the nose.

Munich – The FC Bayern München* has not taken it at the first Bundesliga home game of the “Red” according to the Corona-break against Eintracht Frankfurt (5:2)* with the mask, a duty quite as accurate.

television pictures show, among other things, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Oliver Kahn , as they were not wearing their masks only through the mouth but through the nose.

+ Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (R) is not wearing his mask across the nose.©dpa / Andreas Gebert

role model? Bayern bosses wear masks only in the mouth

Whether it is useful and necessary to wear at a large distance to the next man a mask, one can argue that. However, the role model , the Bayern bosses hold, was definitely reason enough to have appropriate comments to bring in the social networks.

FC Bayern/Coronavirus: User scoff at Rummenigge: “His viruses spread only by mouth”

A User with Twitter commented: “Then let it, please the same with the masks… that is what Kahn does is just makes sense. Why is the bear a mask , if within is no one? In the fresh air?“

another user commented on Rummenigges photo snappy: “His viruses spread only over the mouth.”

FC Bayern: “Kahn and Rummenigge have is each other, the mask”

“Kahn, and Rummenigge have placed each other in the mask”, a further comment. Another user is not “is it ” sad “ that Kahn ” know it apparently. Kahn was observed in the mid-term without a mask.

The Bayern game: Beckenbauer and Hoeness keep to mask duty, and this lead right

honorary President Franz Beckenbauer and Uli Hoeness , wearing the masks, in contrast to Kahn and Rummenigge have been properly Praised. Coach Hansi Flick* is freed, according to the hygiene concept during the game, the mask of duty.

On Tuesday, the bosses will have the opportunity to show improvement. The top match Borussia Dortmund against FC Bayern Munich at in the Live-Ticker. So you can see the game live on TV.

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section list image:©dpa / Andreas Gebert