The network has been much discussion about how the then-18-year-old Laura this expensive swank car for your friend Michael Wendler probably could afford. “Is the car your Playboy-Gage on it went?”, speculated, for example, a Fan on the Internet. That is probably not so.

Wendler has claimed the 51,000-Euro-Truck probably leased

such As the “Colorful” now, is supposed to be the car not a gift, Laura is also said to have not paid for it.

According to the documents of the Munich-based magazine, is available allegedly, the 48-Year-old to have around 51,000 euros expensive Pick-Up Truck, even worried. Actually, the dream car from 22. About the Ally Bank leased have been.

Wendler: monthly rate of 680 Euro for Truck

According to estimates by the magazine could cost the luxury car the rest of the month, about 680 Euro. He should have paid a Deposit, could be the monthly Tariff is slightly lower.

the allegations has not commented the newly married couple yet. This car should have been a staged thing, it really only is likely to have many Laura – and-Wendler-Fans behind feel led to light and the even to the right.

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