The scandal hit prince Andrew’s interview with the BBC, where he tried to explain his relationship with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, has left the duchess Meghan ’shaken’.

’the Interview gave all who saw it, the desire to crawl under the table. It was just getting worse and worse.’

It describes an anonymous source close to the duchess for the british media The Telegraph.

Duchess Meghan, who are working to help female victims of sexual violence, was said to have been uncomfortable, when she heard the interview.

Meghan is apparently not the only one.

the Interview, which several sites are referred to as catastrophic, has had major implications for prince Andrew, even though the whole purpose of it was, that he once and for all to create Arzbet peace around its scandal hit person.

Prince Andrew, who is queen Elizabeth II’s second son, has been severely criticized for having had a friendly relationship with the now deceased Jeffrey Epstein.

He’s even been accused of having taken advantage of the Epsteins ’sex-slaves’ three times back in 2001 and 2002 – the then only 17-year-old Virginia Roberts – Giuffre.

Something the prince is totally rejected in the interview with the BBC.

Several non-profit organizations and initiative groups, which is supported by prince Andrew, has announced that they no longer want to have him as a patron – or that they will at least take their relationships to the prince to reconsider.

Besides, queen Elizabeth commanded the prince that he should withdraw from his public commitments – something he now has done, but which he initially refused in connection with a venture capital firm he founded back in 2014.

In the company, he received two percent of the profits on the money that was earned on the investment in the tech.