The dramatic scenes in the French capital Paris continued Saturday.

Here may urobetjente use tear gas to break up several demonstrations.

Just the demonstrations have put the parts of the city out of the game in connection with the strikes, which have hit the whole country.

the Reasons for the many demonstrations to be found in the highly unpopular reforms of the pension system in France, as president of the Emmanuel Macron has launched.

It has resulted in strikes all over France with great demonstrations over the country as follows.

The foreshadowed reforms have been thousands on the streets of Paris – not least the so-called yellow jackets.

They have in the past demonstrated in the tens of thousands and at the nearest closed major parts of the urban city with the battles between police and protesters.

the Photos from today’s demonstrations are violent.

Among other things, had heavily armed cops use tear gas to dissolve the various demonstrations.

And as you can see in the pictures at the top of the article, had at least one cop also watch the blood drip from his face after the riots in the streets.

the Reforms of the Macrons government is an attempt to streamline a wide range of complex French pensions.

But the French trade unions have not see it at all as a good idea.

They believe that the reforms make a large inroad into the hard-won rights for the French workers.

Why has among other things, they closed the underground network in parts of Paris down – just like truck drivers have blocked highways in the country due to high gasoline prices.

The many and violent protests was to get the government to shake his hand.

“our Citizens know that we can not continue with the very different pension plans. And they know that we will have to work longer,” says the French prime minister, Edouard Philippe.