Donald trump’s niece, Mary published book about a “disturbed man”. And a biography of Melania Trump reported from conflicts in the White house.

Donald Trump* and his family: the niece of the U.S. President wants to book publishing Mary Trump your uncle calls a “disturbed man” New book on Melania Trump appeared

Washington – The only niece of US President Donald Trump is a publishing company that by the end of July, a paper on the “dark history” of the family clan. the Mary Trump , a Ph. D. psychologist, will explain how her uncle “the man was now threatening the health of the world, the economic security and social cohesion”.

+ family Trump: Melania, Donald and Ivanka, another member of the family is planning a tell-all book. (Archive image)©Peter Foley / dpa

Donald Trump: niece Mary wants to unpacking

The, at least, the publisher Simon & Schuster announced. the Mary Trump spent much of her Childhood in the large, imposing house of their grandparents in the heart of Queens, where Donald and his four siblings grew up.

According to information of the publisher Mary Trump in your book, such as specific events and General family pattern of the “disturbed man” created the ruled currently in the Oval Office , including the strange and complicated relationship between Fred Trump, and his two oldest sons, Fred Jr. and Donald.

Donald Trump: revelation books will be published just before the US elections

The 240-page book on the 28. July – 98 days before the US elections in 2020, which Trump likes to be in the President confirm want to leave. The title is in German, translated: “Too much and never enough – How my family’s the most dangerous man in the world has created”.

Mary Trump reported, “one of the most powerful and most broken families”

Mary Trump was the only member of the family, “the will is the truth about one of the most powerful and most broken families in the world price admit,” said the publisher on their website. The news site “the Daily Beast”, which had first reported about the planned book, called Mary Trump “which is a family member of the Trumps, which is ready to turn against him”. The upcoming publication of the book had become in the U.S. on Monday (local time) known.

Mary L. Trump has a PhD on modern methods of Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, and taught in the subjects of Trauma, psychopathology, and developmental psychology. She lives with her daughter in New York.

The type of her Deal is a book about Melania Trump appeared

It’s not the only book to appear in the near future, and it is claimed that it would disclose the internals of the immediate family of the Trumps. The other is “The kind of her Deal” (The art of their success). The protagonist here is First Lady Melania Trump*.